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Benefits of Universal Robots Collaborative Robots

29th May 18 11:36 am

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Collaborative robots have gained a foothold in industries as they pursue their quest for automation. Early adopters are helping their increased acceptance as they boast of the huge cost savings they have made, an increase in the quality of their products and a healthy growth on their bottom lines.

Universal Robots has been in the front line of manufacturing cobots and successfully installing them in commercial operations for over a decade. Over this period, they have witnessed the positive transformation that the cobots have caused in their customers’ operations. They have customers in diverse industries and each of their customers has different needs for which they acquire cobots.

Collaborative robots or cobotsas the name suggests are robots that efficiently work alongside human staff.

Benefits enjoyed by the companies already using Universal Robots cobots

Easy to install and teach employees how to use

Universal Robots cobots are easy to install and operate. Unlike conventional robots, which may take up to a week to setup, cobots only take a maximum of one day. After they are set up, they are very easy to use. All that is required is a basic training and the human staff are ready to start work with their robot colleagues side by side or hand in hand depending on the task and industry.

Increased safety        

Unlike traditional robots, cobots are much safer. They do not require their own space as they are not inclined to causing accidents with human staff. Cobot programming ensures that whenever they are in proximity with humans, they limit their activity thus reducing the possibility of accidents arising. Also, some tasks deemed dangerous to human staff can be allocated to the cobot for enhanced safety and employee work satisfaction.

Streamline the production process

Cobots enhance production process automation. Cobots take over the manual routine work and perform it automatically without human supervision. Cobots can perform tasks assigned much faster and much longer than human staff. They do not need breaks or frequent maintenance. They speed up production and maintain high quality standards in the products produced.

It is compact in size

Cobots are actually very compact and flexible. They often save the company space that would have to be paid for and separated from the rest of the staff were it a traditional robot. Its compact size allows companies challenged by space to take up automation easily. In addition, it can be easily moved around the company.

Cobots can be easily moved around

With their compact sizes, cobots are easy to move around the factory floor. As a result, they can be assigned different tasks in different locations of the factory. This allows for the factory to save time on all the tasks assigned to cobots. It also allows them to save money as they only require one robot for several tasks.

Increased production

As a result of automating their production processes through cobots, most companies report increased production levels. Cobots eliminate all holdups associated with whichever task they are assigned to. Consequently, there is an increased level of productivity accompanied by an increase in the quality of products made.

Cost effective

Cobots are the most cost effective method of automation in factories. According to Universal Robots, their robots are able to pay for themselves within a year of using them. In addition, for organizations that cannot afford or are not willing to acquire cobots, they can easily be paid for by the hour. And even in this way, the benefits will by far outweigh any negatives that arise.

Work well in a network of other machines

In addition to working well and safely with human staff, cobots are also sufficiently flexible to work well in a network of other machines. Tasks that do not have special robots assigned to them can be assigned to cobots for faster execution.

Universal Robots have sold over 23,000 cobots all over the world. They take pride in their workmanship and the benefits that their customers accrue from their products.

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