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How to get the best out of your listed buildings insurance cover

13th Mar 18 9:54 am

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If you are in the process of trying to insure your listed building property, you may already have realised that it really is not as simple as your standard home insurance. Listed buildings require specialist insurance due to their historical significance and the techniques/materials involved in their construction.

Below, you can find out more about how to get the best out of your listed building home insurance.

Risk Prevention

When you own an older building there are many positives such as the amazing history and architecture that comes along with it. However, they are a big responsibility too. These listed buildings must be regularly and properly maintained to ensure that you are keeping any insurance claims to a minimum and avoiding them if at all possible.

Some of the work that you should be prepared to maintain and protect in your listed building in order to get the best out of your insurance should include repainting any woodwork, installing smoke alarms, installing burglar alarms, inspecting the roofing and gutters, cleaning any chimneys and regularly having qualified electricians checking your electrical work.

Contents Insurance

With lots of listed building insurance, you will find that their policies also include contents insurance. With contents insurance, you will have the peace of mind that not only is the building covered, but so are your possessions too. We would recommend looking into insurance companies offering both of these services as this can normally reduce the cost.

Buy to Let Building Insurance

If you are a landlord, you will also need to take factor this in when you are taking out insurance, as well as the fact that you are insuring a listed building. You will need to make sure that any insurance you are taking out is suitable for landlords or buy to let as this should cover you against any damages that tenants may cause. Standard insurance will normally not cover this.

How Much Does Listed Building Insurance Cost?

With listed buildings insurance, we unfortunately cannot give you an exact price as the cost will vary depending on a number of different factors. This can include the value of your listed building, where it is located, its current condition and also how old it is. For this reason, you can expect this specialist insurance to be quite a bit more expensive than your standard modern home insurance.

If you want to get an estimated price, you can get a quote from providers such as  CIA landlords insurance who have a quick online form that you can fill out. This process is super simple to follow through and they can give a quote that is tailored just for you. Just make sure you have to hand a few simple details about the listed property such as the estimated construction year, the roofing and wall materials and any problems that the building has encountered such as subsidence.

Now you know how to get the most out of your listed buildings insurance, get a quote today!

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