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5 Booming businesses in the UK travel and tourism industry

14th May 18 11:09 am

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The travel and tourism industry has a grown significantly over the years, providing good returns to business owners. The industry caters not only for international tourists but also residents travelling to other countries or a different city within the country. This article highlights the top five businesses that are doing well in this industry.

Travel agencies

The key role of travel agents is providing information and advice and making travel arrangements for clients. They cater for all aspects of travel including flights, accommodation, entertainment and cancellations. Working with an agency is very convenient, especially when you are travelling to a different country and you need someone to plan your activities.

Travel blogger

Travel bloggers basically give tips and share their experiences to help travellers make informed decisions and plan for their trips. Some also review travel services and products as well. This is a good way to make money since it can be done from the comfort of one’s home. Additionally, as a blog gains authority, it becomes a source of passive income to the owner. Travel blogs can be monetized by showing Ads, promoting one’s services, and referral and affiliate programs.

Airport parking

Many travellers are now opting for offsite airport parking – and for a good reason. For instance, offsite parking solutions are more cost-effective, especially when one is travelling for a long period of time. Additionally, it is much more convenient and a better option when you have a lot of luggage. If you would love to start a Heathrow meet and greet parking service, ensure that you have a secure place, on-site security 24/7, and great customer service.

Hotel and restaurant

All travellers need a place to rest and good food and this is why hotels and restaurants have remained successful businesses over the years. There are three key ways to enhance the success of a business in this sector. One, make your hotel stand out by offering something out of the ordinary. You can find a unique recipe, spice up some common food, or even consider some international dishes. Two, keep the dining area and the hotel rooms clean all the time. Three, work on your customer service. Talk to your employees about the importance of treating customers well. The only drawback of such businesses is that they require high capital to get started. Investors on a low budget can consider lodgings and coffee shops and upgrade with time.

Taxi company

The Taxi and Uber business model is another booming sector in the industry. Many travellers hire taxis to pick them up from the airport, drive them to their destinations, and then show them around. Thus, the demand for taxis is always high. Other than taxis, entrepreneurs can also invest in shuttle buses. These are ideal for transporting large groups of people.

Those are among the top businesses in the travel industry booming, not only in the UK but worldwide. Other key ones include tour guides, luggage delivery, translation, ticketing and reservation, gift shops, travel consultancy, photography, online booking services, and car rental among others.

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