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The important role of vape juice in e-smoking

29th May 18 12:36 pm

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Changing from regular cigarettes over to e-cigs is not an easy achievement. You need to make some considerate changes in your smoking habits even though you get your nicotine kick. To help you make this transition easily.

Following, we are going to suggest a few tips that will help you buy better bottles and vape juices for good user experience.

Learn what it’s made of!

Here are a few questions you should ask:

Does the Brand have a website where it declares what the juice is made of, and what contents are mixed?

Is every ingredient extracted and produced in an ISO7 Clean Room?

Does the website offer pictures of their facility and people behind it, or are there only generic images?

It’s a fact that e-juices are mixed in uncontrolled environments which contaminate the product you consume. Ask if your retailer has visited the lab, or did their research about the vendor they deal in. Find if they have a working relationship, or just buying generic.

These details are very important, and you better do some research about vape’s background. Consider it like a fine wine, as small changes can affect your flavor, aroma and overall effect.

Learn the PG/VG ratio

There is a small percentage of consumers who have PG Allergies. Speak with your doctor if you need to tweak the concentration. You also need to learn that higher VG results in great cloud production without compromising flavor or throat hit.

Ask for nicotine and PG/VG levels. This evaluates the experience of your hit. Disposable vape pens don’t hit this vital ingredient lists.  So, check your vape store’s sample bar, and taste ejuice ratios starting from 99% VG.

This takes time, but you find the right flavor, with specific throat hit and cloud production. Once you invested your time and effort, you will found your vape profile and comfort zone.

Choose a nicotine level

The concentration of Nicotine is very important when it comes to vape liquid. If you want to switch from a regular cigarette, the level of Nicotine is a deciding factor. Experts recommend you to start with 12mg and lower it to 3mg. This gradual reduction can help you kick your habit.

You have to set goals in controlling the nicotine levels. Give yourself at least 3 to 6 months and level down your consumption. Results can be varied as long-term ex-smokers require nearly a year to stop smoking.

So, don’t forget track results on pen and paper. This will help you identify how close you are to your goal.

Glass instead of plastic

In the past 2 years, more users have changed from plastic to glass. Following, we will explain why:

Plastic Bottles have harmful chemical compounds including BPA

Glass Bottles are easy to sterilize before you go into e-juice production

Glass Bottles last longer

Glass Bottles are easy to recycle and are environmentally friendly

Talk with your retailer, and let them know you want to buy glass over plastic. You may need to spend more money for glass bottles instead of plastic bottles.

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