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How to get more from your employees

26th Feb 18 12:48 pm

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Managing your employees effectively is no mean feat, especially if you want them to work with you on your company’s goals. To get more from your employees, you can put the following processes into place. We’re here to show you how to boost that productivity and get more from the staff members that you have.

Monitor their productivity

Productivity can act as an early warning sign if your employees are demotivated or looking for a job elsewhere. The only way you can keep an eye on this is to know what their regular workflow looks like, if you don’t know this then you can’t see if it’s moving up or down.

This kind of information is essential to understand what’s going on with your employees. They should know that you don’t need this information to chastise them, it’s more to benefit them long term. No one likes to feel like their boss is watching them at all times, so be discrete and explain why you do so.

Give them perks

Employee rewards are becoming a lot more popular, which means if you’re not offering them your employees could be tempted to work somewhere else. Gym memberships, shopping vouchers and discounts are all readily available to pass on to your employees. Most employers these days want a healthy workforce, so they give out smoothies and cycle to work vouchers, which in turn leads to fewer sick days overall.

It’s amazing to see the crazy amount of difference that just a few small perks can make. They don’t need to cost you a lot, but they can have a huge effect on turnover and productivity too. It’s all about adding value to the position that you offer your employees, which can act as yet another incentive for them to perform.

Appraise the staff

People like to be given the chance to talk about their performance and aspirations. This also gives them the chance to feedback on management too, which is equally important. Scheduling in the time, no matter how busy you are, makes the employee feel like you want to listen to them.

Figuring out their personal goals can also help you to provide them with a personal development plan. Ideally, you want to turn your employees into assets for your business, by growing their talents and career overall. Getting to know them and what they want to do in their career can push them to do much more for your company and for themselves too.

A great way for you to be able to evaluate the employee’s performance is to invest in employee performance management software, as it will make it much easier for you to be able to track how well an employee is doing. You can get more info on exactly how the software works and is implemented into the general performance reviews by doing some extra research into the software. Talking about the results from this software with the employees will set you and you both up for success, with a relatively small investment of time. It also creates an open channel of communication with the employee, so they’re more likely to approach you in future.

Employee satisfaction is paramount to a successful business, otherwise your staffing costs can easily eat into the profit that you generate. Work with your employees to create a great workforce for everyone.

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