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How parcel delivery consultancy helps customers

22nd Feb 18 12:33 pm

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It’s every business owner dream, waking up every morning to new sales, products to ship and to have customers all over the world. Unfortunately, what can be a business owner dream can also quickly turn in to a nightmare. Managing all shipping can be a hassle and expensive. Some clients want FedEx, UPS, DHL and other might want USPS.

Rates for each package

Determining the rates for each package often means using several different platforms. Each of these platforms will cost you time as well as money, which cuts into your profit. It would be great if you have a system that is both simple and efficient.

However, the customer insecurities related to the delivery of parcels are way wilder than the parcel companies. The problem is growing over time. Different companies use the services of various popular parcel delivery companies to send small and large business parcels.

A parcel delivery comparison – ParcelABC is a company that mostly does business with FedEx, UPS, and DHL, etc. It is based in the UK, which is the shopping capital of the world. The international shipping, the imports, and exports are very common. It is the gateway to the most exclusive services that you may need.

Parcel invoices

Every customer looks for a company that offers timely delivery at low prices. Also, everyone has a desire to get rid of the registration protocols, the contracts that they have to sign while starting using their services.

But, the more important thing is to have an accurate idea that if they will be charging you fairly, even the amount is small. How do you get to know that your parcel invoices are accurate? How do you know that you have negotiated with a competitive carrier contract? The delivery or carrier contracts have now become too complicated and too confusing for businesses to fully understand. It is nearly impossible to determine the rates, discounts and incentives are accurate and competitive or not.

 There are currently seventy different charges and fee that you are maybe paying for. This may include, fuel surcharges, residential adjustments, address corrections, dimensional surcharges and many more.

Therefore, to get a proper guideline for this, you need to consult a consultancy, which is the premier carrier invoice auditing contract negotiating firm in the parcel industry. Almost 100 million packages are audited by then per year. They also negotiate several carrier agreements.

They have the most state of the art auditing software in the entire industry. Their typical auditing ranges from 2 per cent to 6 per cent weekly while the contract negotiating savings are typically between 10per cent and 30 per cent annually.

Detailed reports weekly

The consultants also provide the clients with over 30 detailed reports weekly allowing your company visibility into every aspect of your shipping profile. These reports make you more informed about your shipping decisions going forward. They work strictly on a contingency basis.

The only fee that consultant charge you is the percentage of the refunds that they recover for you. If they discover that your packages are delivered on time every time, and your carrier company is billing you accurately, inthis case, you owe the company nothing. In another case, they help you get it back.

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