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How can good writing skills get a business to the top?

6th Mar 18 1:04 pm

How are your writing skills?

Having excellent writing skills will never hurt. You`ll always find a way how to apply those, especially if you want to get your business to the top.

Excellent writing skills will get your business to the top. But how?

Hey you, a human being who is thinking how to make his/her business more successful and profitable. Of course, you care about your company as if it was your little baby, you cherish it and will do absolutely everything to make it successful. You care about the customers, the image of a brand, the level of a service, and the quality of a product. But do you know what is that one thing which has slipped through that smart and pretty head of yours?

You don`t pay enough attention to writing skills, and it can become a problem.

Let`s say that you`ve never been a fan of writing essays at university. That`s fine, you`ll rarely find anybody who would be too excited about those assignments. Besides, when you were a student, you could use any good and cheap essay writing service, and you could get all homework done effortlessly.

It`s a good option, especially when you`ve been thinking about launching a startup while being a student. You simply didn`t have time for all those essays. You had more significant stuff to do!

However, you could have missed out on the opportunity to develop your writing skills. But that`s okay. That is why you are here and ready to catch up. You may know a lot about economics, and you can be a professional at brand building, but you know for sure that writing skills are one of your few weaknesses.

“I gotta get better!” that`s something that Harry Styles was persuading himself in. and you also need that strong kind of persuasion.

Hello, there! I`m just writing you to…

I realize that you`re smart enough not to include gifs and emojis into business letters, but your whole style of writing probably needs some improvement. Now reread the subtitle and remember that it`s the worst way possible to start a letter to your potential business partner.

You do know that by a letter we actually mean an e-mail, right? Seriously, who writes with a pen nowadays? It`s kind of classy and sophisticated though, we need to bring it back.

The culture of correspondence still matters in business circles. Despite a huge spur of startups of free-spirited millennials, people who are wealthy enough to become your investors are mostly older than you or your colleagues. You see, this commercial world works this way. Of course, there are exceptions when super young people manage to earn a lot of money and even start investing it, but we are realists here.

The good old-fashioned respectful style of writing which you must remember from middle school is still applicable in business. Informal language is fine at conferences and buffets, but never in the official letters.

If you want your e-mails to seem super polite and respectful, read a few letters that the Queen of Great Britain usually sends. Those are masterpieces!

Speechwriters are rather expensive

If you have your own business, then first and foremost, congratulations, you seem to be doing pretty good in this life. But you`ve got to remember that you`ll have to make speeches from time to time. Trust me, you can`t just make a few changes and use the speech that you made at the wedding of your aunt Alice. You`ll have many situations when you`ll have to deliver some kind of a monologue in front of dozens of people.

It can be a business conference where your speech is supposed to impress potential partners and investors. It can be a Christmas office party where you need to thank your employees and inspire them to keep working with you despite the difficulties along the way.

Hiring a speechwriter may sound like a good idea, but according to the abovementioned statement, those guys will cost you an arm and a leg. Besides, you`re the one who knows your company best, you know how to make things right, and your own speeches will be more sincere.

People feel sincerity at some subconscious level. Your speech will show the audience that you`re passionate about what you`re doing, and that will make you sound more persuasive. So, work on those writing skills if you want to make it big in the cruel and intimidating world of business.

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