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Donations still to reach Grenfell Tower survivors

by LLB Reporter
18th Jul 17 3:10 pm

What’s the hold up

Over four weeks on from the disaster that left more than 80 people dead and the donations given by the public still haven’t reached the survivors of the Grenfell Tower blaze. 

Of the 174 tonnes of items donated less then 6 per cent (10 tonnes) has been offered to residents and nearly half is still waiting to be sorted, according to the British Red Cross.

Speaking to the BBC, Diana Goss from the charity said that dealing with the donations was a logistical challenge and is proving to be ‘really off the scale.’

Due to the sheer scale of items being given to the charity only brand new items are being taken to London and given to residents, as huge quantities of second-hand items are a ‘welcome headache’ as they need to be sorted before being distributed.

As well as being offered to those affected, items are being sold in British Red Cross and 15 tonnes are being sold to textile recycling companies, with all the proceeds going to the victims.

The broadcaster reports that cash donations have reached an estimated £20m from private individuals and business to charities and appeals but only £800,000 has been distributed.

Last week the community leaders at Grenfell demanded to know how the money collected for the victims will be distrusted as some have said that victims had not be consulted on how the money will be spent.

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