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Integrated casino resorts in Asia

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12th Oct 21 9:40 am

The legalised Gambling world is all abuzz with the Japanese project to build Casino Resorts. The first is planned for opening in 2025 and the “Integrated Resort Development Act” sets out detailed terms regarding the establishment of the complex. An integrated resort facility (IR) will be a tourist attraction and a place where many tourist amenities will be located. Today we will take a look at the new legal frameworks and what to expect from the new integrated resorts.

About the Integrated Resort Development Act

The Integrated Resort (IR) Act’s aim is the creation of an integrated resort (IR). It is nicknamed the “Casino Bill” as its main goal is the establishment of a tourist resort that integrates casino facilities. The Act actually consists of two bills: IR Promotion Law and IR Improvement Act. The first lays out the process for the establishment of an integrated resort with a casino and the second one creates maintenance frameworks and rules for operation.

Integrated resorts are not new or unique phenomena around the globe. Some of the most famous locations are:

  • Singapore: “Casino Town” actually has two resorts in the complex. The Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Resorts World Sentosa Casino are large facilities with excellent amenities.
  • Macau: “Macau Peninsula” and “Taipa Island” are gigantic integrated resort facilities with numerous amenities and casino games.
  • Las Vegas: A hub of the IR concept with “The Venetian Resort Las Vegas,” “Wynn Las Vegas,” and “Aria Resort and Casino” are some of the city’s most famous integrated resorts

Plans for opening of IR resort

According to the plans, Japan’s integrated resort will be a place for local and international tourists. It will be a place to enjoy the charm of the country. The resort will include amenities to attract visitors of all types. Theaters, concert halls, museums, stadiums, art galleries, and restaurants will welcome visitors to all forms of entertainment. It will also offer accommodation and an international exhibition hub.

The planning phases are scheduled to begin and should flow as toward the the official launch of the Japanese resort:

  • From October 1, 2021, to April 28, 2022: Local governments will attract candidates to submit an applications to the government
  • From 2022 to 2023 The official candidate site will be selected and construction contractor determined
  • Authorisation of the casino license
  • 2023 should see the construction phase being
  • Resort is set to open in 2025

Candidate cities and regions

Based on the official plans, Japan has plans to establish three IRs involving casino facilities. The casino bill also affords an option to update and renew facilities 7 years after the initial opening of the resort. Here are the promising candidates for the IR:

  • Osaka-shi, Osaka: It works on attracting visitors with different activities including the Expo planned for 2025. The Prefecture connects governments and residents who join forces and engage in different activities. The city is easily accessible and known for its gorgeous Yumeshima – another candidate site for the resort.
  • Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture (Huis Ten Bosch): After the withdrawal of a big favorite Yokohama City, it is clear that Nagasaki Prefecture has become one of the most auspicious candidates for the IR. It has a significant group of supporters including both residents and lawmakers. “Huis Ten Bosch” in Sasebo City is a possible location and it already works on some infrastructure to become a huge attraction.
  • Wakayama Prefecture (Marina City): This is another great municipality that works on attracting casinos. It has been dedicated to attracting casino providers since 2004, and it also plans to become the right place for IR. It is believed that the location is inferior in many aspects compared to Osaka.

Benefits or new project

The introduction of Integrated Resort Casino will have three main advantages: economic revitalisation, new job opportunities, and regional revitalisation. The opening of an IR casino should also contribute to an increase in the number of visitors from all over the world. These tourists will spend money on gambling activities and contribute to economic growth.

By creating an integrated resort and casino, people will have more opportunities to find a job. The tourism sector will also be boosted with an opening. In addition to it, we can mention the regional revitalisation and inclusion of new infrastructure and roads. This will additionally enhance the experience of tourists who come to visit the place.


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