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Fears Putin is preparing ‘for all out war’ with the West as Moscow are building underground hospitals

by LLB political Reporter
25th Oct 22 3:31 pm

There are fears Moscow could be preparing for war with the West as reports are circulating that Vladimir Putin is building underground hospitals.

An expert also fears that the Kremlin are boosting conscription numbers which includes Russian women to fight in the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The Mirror reported that basements and bunkers across cities in Russia are being converted into health facilities, allegedly for civilians.

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There has been much talk that Moscow has reported to their Defence Minister counterparts across the West that the Kremlin believes Kyiv are planning to detonate a “dirty bomb” over Ukraine.

However the West believe that in fact it is Putin who is preparing to detonate a “dirty bomb” over Ukraine and it is further believed that Russian forces have mined the Kakhovka dam in Kherson.

If the dam was blown then “hundreds of thousands” of lives will be put at risk in Kherson which would also be a “test” to work out what, if NATO would do, if anything.

The Mirror reported that a senior European security source said, “This is not an escalation as far as nuclear strikes but it does approach the threshold for a NATO reaction.

“ Russia knows it will face serious, so far unpublicised consequences if it launches a nuclear strike so it is testing the West with atrocities just below threshold.

“So the dam being blown, if that happens, will test western resolve and Russia will keep pushing until it finds NATO’s tolerance limits.

“It is ludicrous to think anyone believes Russian false flag preparations to blame Ukraine for blowing the dam will be believed.

“And if the West reacts, that could mean a military confrontation with Russia and a serious escalation, if not then Russia will keep prodding and probing for a reaction and then ­hopefully de-escalate.

“If not then it is all-out war.”

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