Home Business News Kremlin are facing an uprising as Russian defectors form two ‘Freedom Legion’ battalions which is Moscow’s largest ever mutiny

Kremlin are facing an uprising as Russian defectors form two ‘Freedom Legion’ battalions which is Moscow’s largest ever mutiny

31st Jul 22 1:59 pm

Moscow are being hit with an enormous mutiny by defectors from the Russian army who have created a “Freedom Legion” and are recruiting Russians who are opposed to the war in Ukraine.

The defectors have formed two battalions which could comprise of as much as almost 2,000 mutinous defectors and the number of military applications for joining the Legion has gone off scale.

The group are highly trained soldiers in modern conventional warfare and can perform a full spectrum of defensive and offensive tasks within Russia and in the Ukraine working alongside the Armed  Forces of Ukrainian (AFU).

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The group who are fighting on the front lines with Ukrainian soldiers are doing very well and the Freedom Legion has now become an enormous “subculture” within Russia also.

Aleksey Arestovich, adviser to the head of the President Volodymyr Zelensky’s Office, spoke with Russian human rights activist Mark Feygin about the group.

The advisor to Zelensky told Feygin, “On the front line. They are fighting very well. There are several dozen, it’s like a separate unit disguised as the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“The number of applications to the legion, including the Russian army, is off the scale. They don’t have time to consider it.

“I see how the legion is marching across Russia. Because they send me dozens of pictures every day, where they once again drew the letter” L”, once again with the legion’s name, and so on, there is its own music, its own subculture.

He added, “That is, no matter how Vladimir Vladimirovich tries to block the slogan that is already spreading throughout Russia, an attempt to oppose something to it, it seems that the legion has already got everyone and everyone in the Kremlin are afraid of it.

“I know that in the Russian units, including in the JFO zone, special work is being carried out to explain the legion’s viciousness and prevent the military personnel’s sympathies, and even more so – the transition.

“Moreover, the FSB political officer in military units is directly tasked to prevent it.”

Igor Sushko, director of the Wind of Change Research Group, a think tank based in Washington, DC, told Express.co.uk, “[The group] started some time ago, since the beginning of the invasion.

“Some Russian soldiers decided to surrender [to Ukraine] and were allowed to, over time and after some training, fight for Ukraine.

“There’s active recruitment going on inside Russia for volunteers to come fight.

“So these are Russians, it is all completely comprised of Russians fighting against Putin’s regime.”

He added that the “Freedom Legion” have been recruiting civilians from within Russia who are opposed to the war in Ukraine.

Sushko added, “They are very effective at disseminating the messaging inside Russia.

“A lot of civilians that are not actually fighting with guns as part of the Russian Freedom Legion are still claimed by [the group] as members that are supportive of the movement.”

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