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Former NATO commander warns ‘Europe should be on guard against nuclear attacks’ as ‘Putin cannot accept defeat’

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
18th Mar 22 9:43 am

The former Deputy Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, has warned that “Putin cannot accept defeat” and if he is facing trouble in one direction then “he could cause greater trouble in another.”

General Sir Richard Shirreff, told Sky News that the war in Ukraine is “absolutely going the Ukrainian way” but not Vladimir Putin’s way.

General Shirreff warned that Europe must now “be on guard against nuclear attacks” as “we can take nothing for granted.”

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He said there has been “extraordinary incompetence and lack of professionalism,” by Russian forces and their Generals, he added, “Amateurs talk tactics and professionals talk logistics.”

Morale among Russian troops is “absolutely rock bottom,” with many fleeing the army and returning home or giving themselves up to Ukrainian troops.

General Shirreff  added, Russian troops believed they would “be greeted by flag-waving crowds and they have been greeted by ferocious defence.”

He continued: “Putin cannot accept defeat and therefore in typical KGB style if he is facing trouble in one direction, he could cause even greater trouble in another.

“We should be on our guard to chemical attack, quite potentially the use of tactical nuclear.”

He gave a stark warning to Europe, that they should take nothing for granted” and a ramp-up of forces would lead to a “general war that could easily go nuclear.”

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