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Mad Vlad will ‘destroy the world’ if he is left unchecked as he is ‘crazy enough’ to use nuclear weapons

by LLB Politics Reporter
13th Mar 22 3:24 pm

The former Chief of Staff to Alexei Navalny’s presidential bid in 2018 warned that Vladimir Putin is “crazy enough” to “destroy the world” and could use “anything” because “he’s in a very difficult situation.”

Leonid Volkov warned that the world “can expect unfortunately everything” from Putin as there are real fear he will use “nuclear weapons.”

Poland’s premier, Andrzej Duda has also expressed his fears over Putin and has warned he believes he could use chemical weapons.

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Volkov told Sky New’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday programme the world must be prepared for an “enormous cost” to stop the war.

“There are all the sanctions, of course, they also create a burden on the European economy that is quite clear.

“But this cost has to be paid because otherwise Putin will just destroy the world.

“He is clearly not winning the war against Ukraine and he might think about other solutions, more powerful weapons, more powerful solutions to change the course of this war which is now not so successful for him.”

The former Chief of Staff described the war as “enormously painful,” he added, “This is Putin’s war, not my war.

“This is not our war, not in our name.

“He is doing it. Not in our name.”

President Duda told the BBC’s Sunday Morning show that Putin has already lost the war “politically” and is not winning “militarily” either.

“If you’re asking can Putin use chemical weapons, I think that Putin can use anything right now, especially because he’s in a very difficult situation.”

Conservative MP Michael Gove warned on Sunday that Putin is operating to a “set of criteria totally detached from those which you or I would consider to be reasonable or rational.”

Gove told Sophy Ridge on Sunday that he is “pursuing a conflict which he believes he has to win,” he added, “We have to make sure that he loses.”

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