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World is a ‘tiny miscalculation’ away from a major global war as Russian bombings ‘rattle windows in Poland’

by LLB political Reporter
13th Mar 22 12:34 pm

The Russian bombing on Sunday in Western Ukraine caused the “rattling of windows” in the NATO country of Poland which could spark a wider war.

Mark Austin, a Sky News presenter, gave a stark warning that the world was a “tiny miscalculation” away from a major global war.

Austin tweeted, “Good morning, Russian bombing of western Ukraine is now rattling windows across the border in Poland…a NATO country.

“We are now a tiny miscalculation away from a much broader war here.

“That is the reality of the horror Putin is unleashing on Ukraine for no reason.”

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On Sunday Russia attacked Western Ukraine near to the Polish border with 30 cruise missiles on a training centre which is home to NATO instructors, Ukraine’s Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov said.

TV presenter Andrew Neil said: “Dangerous expansion of war in Ukraine today when Russian fighter jets, in possibly largest air attack of war so far, fired over 30 cruise missiles at a military base near the Polish border where foreign fighters are being trained.”

The Polish President warned that if Russia uses chemical weapons in Ukraine this could lead NATO to rethink its position over the war.

Andrzej Duda told the BBC’s Sophie Raworth on Sunday, “If he (Putin) uses weapons of mass destruction, this would be a gamechanger in the whole thing.

“For sure, [NATO]… would have to sit at the table and they will really have to think seriously what to do, because then it starts to be dangerous, not only for Europe, but the whole world.”

Russia’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergey Rybakov warned “We have warned the United States that the delivery of weapons from different countries is not only a dangerous move, it is an act that makes the respective convoy a legitimate target.”

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