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Everything you need to know about Supreme Jets

by LLB Reporter
18th Jun 19 10:09 am

Luxurious experience. Personalised services. Diversity of choice. These are the three founding values of Supreme Jets – the company that delivers high-quality jet renting services in the market of luxurious flights.

Supreme Jets is an ambitious UK enterprise that aims to conquer the world of luxurious aircraft and to provide exceptional private jet service to the clients in need of an urgent charter to any corner of the world. The company works as an online platform on which anyone can search for an airplane of any size, scope, and price that will get them to any business meeting or vacation initiative.

Tola Bashir is the CEO of Supreme Jets who goes with times and understands that in the 21st century everyone is connected through the internet and hence the best way to reach new customers is via a website or an app. The company is planning to offer both web and app version of the services in order to cover a greater scope of perspective customers and also deliver posh jet airways customer service worldwide.

How does Supreme Jets work?

Tola Bashir and his team understand that even wealthy people do care about the price for anything they purchase. This is why whenever a client decides to book a private flight to any corner of the world, they can easily search through the available fleet of Supreme Jets on the website and also research the available price list for the planes. The company’s policy is you see what you pay for, so all information about the services is available openly.

The greatest advantage of this luxury private jet service is the possibility to compare prices for different planes, offers, dates, and destinations to ensure that a client gets the best price in the market and the most convenient transportation terms. Should the client have flexible dates, for example, for vacation leave or a hen party, the service experts will find the best jet and lowest market price for several destinations to hire a jet plane that would satisfy all the needs one may have.

What Supreme Jets service offer?

At this point in the company’s development, there are three main categories a client can opt for: luxury charter flights, empty leg flights, and supreme experiences.

Luxury charter flights

Whenever someone needs to organize a business trip for the partners, get to a meeting urgently (right now and no second later), plans a vacation for the whole family or friends, one can book a luxurious charter flight with Supreme Jet. This means that the client can go through the available fleet and then book it for pretty much any date needed. Owing to the close relationship of the company with the flight attendants, operators, and private airports, Supreme Jets can organise a trip in the shortest timeframe without sacrificing the quality of the service.

Empty leg flights

This is an offer for people who love comfort but don’t like high prices. Jet service reviews show the statistics that many private flights are booked as a one-way deal. This means that the aircraft then gets back to the airport of origin without any passengers on board. As a result, the jet air contact operators are losing a lot of money on taking the planes back without anyone paying for the flight.

So Supreme Jets lets its clients book those empty planes or several seats on the flights at the reduced price, which is usually about 70%-80% lower than the original number. As a result, anyone gets a possibility to travel on a luxurious private plane at the price of a regular airplane ticket.

Yes, this offer comes with some restrictions; the client needs to be flexible when choosing an empty leg jet service. Yet, this is a perfect opportunity to get into an adventure for a short vacation with friends and to experience a luxurious life at a reasonable price in an unexpected location. Wide business connections of the company allow it to set on the table the ample of possible empty leg flights from any city in the world.

Supreme experience

This is an offer for those who need an almost immediate vacation and do not want to deal with the logistics and activities. Supreme Jets offers packaged tours to exotic locations and includes housing and entertainment into the offer. So whenever a client feels like resting for a couple of days, the Supreme Jets Team can instantly select an available package and set them on an exclusive holiday experience. This offer is available both for individual travellers as well as groups of people.

Supreme Jets is a dream team of passionate and professional devotees who know their job from A to Z and can offer luxury flights and vacations for a client of any income and with any demand. With the financial support of Red Rock Entertainment acting as investors, the company is currently increasing its fleet, enlarging its unique offer, and improving the service to satisfy even the most demanding desires of new travellers.

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