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‘We’ve got to leave Crimea’ this ‘is so f***ed up’ as anti-aircraft missiles light up the sky following a wave of explosions

by LLB political Reporter
20th Aug 22 2:38 pm

Ukraine attacked Crimea again last night and anti-aircraft missiles were seen roaring over Yevpatoriya resort following a loud explosion at the Russian Navy headquarters.

Many kamikaze drones flew into Crimea over night and it appears that Russian air defences destroyed a Ukrainian drone.

The Russian Navy’s headquarters for the Black Sea fleet was bombed and smoke was seen billowing in the air following a direct hit.

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A terrified local resident from the resort named Dasha is seen gasping as a video showed a loud explosion in the sky above her.

She said, “Leave here. F***ing hell, just look at this! Guys this is so f***ed up.

“This is online from Zaozerka. My thoughts are we’ve got to leave Crimea.”

One Russian man was also heard saying, “This is not funny. Let’s pack up and get out of here.

“These are no fireworks.”

Governor of Sevastopol Mikhail Razvozhaev confirmed the kamikazi drone attack and said, “Unfortunately, [the drone] was not shot down, although they worked on the bay with small arms. [It] went low.

“There were no victims.”

He added, “The tenacity of these Ukro-Reich morons is amazing.

“Everyone, if possible, needs to be home in the next hour.”

Razvozzhaev continued, “I am at my workplace in the government. As well as many of the townspeople, I heard the clapping in the [city] centre.

“Similar sounds were heard in the Strelka area a little earlier.

“The air defence was operating in the bay. Naval artillery [operated] in the centre.

“The same as yesterday. According to preliminary data [they were shooting down drones. Targets were hit. We remain calm.

“The military is doing their job perfectly. Let’s support them.”

The head of Putin’s regime in Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov said, “The target is hit. There is no damage, nor any wounded.

“Our military clearly, professionally and effectively carry out their tasks.

“I ask everyone to remain calm and trust only official information.”

An intelligence source said, “They’ve lost their flagship Moskva, they lost Snake Island, they lost half of their naval aviation package and their military headquarters was struck.

“I think we can assume attacks by Ukrainians behind enemy lines.”

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