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Russian officials ‘destroy documents’ and flee Crimea like ‘cockroaches and parasites’ after days of explosions

19th Aug 22 2:26 pm

Russian officials are fleeing Crimea after days of constant bombardment from Ukraine Special Forces and have fled like “cockroaches and parasites” back to Russia and there is “no talk of returning.”

Intelligence from Ukraine has suggested that Russian local leaders, Sergei Aksyonov and Vladimir Konstantinov, left Crimea on Tuesday night in fear over the attacks to liberate the annexed peninsula from Russian control.

Crimea has faced a series of attacks where explosions have been seen across the peninsula which has seen airbases, aircraft, transport facilities and ammunition depots have all been destroyed in fire filled mushroom clouds.

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The two Russian officials were told by Moscow that there are no longer safe if they remain in Crimea and left with a security detail along with their families and “mistresses.”

An intelligence source told Channel 24, “Subordinates of the ‘premier’ destroyed documents all night.

“At present, the families of the ‘politicians’ are in Rostov, where they settled in one of the hotels.

“Actively flood fear in local restaurants and celebrate their own salvation.

“There is no talk of returning to the peninsula yet.”

Russian forces closed the bridge from Crimea to the Russian mainland so that the officials could flee like rats from a sinking ship.

Channel 24 had reported, “The Russians started rumours: ‘Ukraine may be shelling’. They say that air defence will work, so the bridge is being closed to ‘protect people from debris’,” and banned all others from leaving Crimea.

Vladimir Putin is on the brink of losing Crimea because the “Russians don’t have anything else with which they can escalate.”

Over night multiple explosions hit another Russian air base in the city of Sevastopol which was heard by terrified locals.

The explosions which rocked the city happened near the Belbek military airport north of Sevastopol and the Russia claims that they had also shot down a Ukrainian drone.

One of our readers told LondonLovesBusiness in a comment, that “Ukraine isn’t attacking Crimea they are liberating it from Russian cockroaches and parasites.”

He added, “Get the Russian filth (occupiers) out of Crimea and back to their own stinking sewers.”

Tens of thousands of people have attempted to leave Crimea back to Russia and in one day, a record 38,000 cars were recorded fleeing.

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