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Putin is struggling to hide his failures from Russian population and the Kremlin are looking to point the blame on the leader

by LLB political Reporter
19th Aug 22 3:54 pm

Officials have said that the constant explosions deep behind Russia’s lines in Crimea has hit Vladimir Putin psychologically which could now hopefully be the beginning of the end for the Russian despot.

Putin is suffering from a major psychological effect as more than half of the Russian navy’s Black Sea fleet fighter jets blown up in Ukraine’s attack last Tuesday at the Saki air base in Crimea.

The Kremlin’s invasion in Ukraine is currently at a “near operational standstill” and they are looking to point the blame on Putin as he is now finding it near impossible to hide all his failures from the Russian population.

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In one day more than 38,000 cars were seen fleeing Crimea as explosions were visibly seen by Russian holidaymakers which was live streamed across Russia for the country to see Ukraine’s successful attacks in the annexed peninsula.

An official warned, that the “Ukraine is now consistently achieving kinetic effects deep behind Russia’s lines…

“The incidents have been having a material effect on Russia’s logistics support, but as importantly, there’s a significant psychological effect on the Russian leadership.”

Putin’s forces are now suffering with acute shortages of basic ammunition, stocks and soldiers as tens of thousands have been slaughtered and wounded.

A Western official said, “There was a point when there was constant shelling, there was a real high point, particularly around the battle for the Donbas.

“We aren’t at that high point anymore.

“The whole tempo of the campaign has slowed down, partly because both sides have become more conscious that this is a marathon not a sprint and that expenditure rates and conserving their munitions is important.”

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