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‘Ukraine needs an air force’ capable of ‘matching the Russians’ and multirole F-16 fighter jets must be sent

by LLB political Reporter
26th Jan 23 2:58 pm

The West has been warned that they must start looking at the future and for their to be a victory in Ukraine they need “an air force” which is capable of matching the Russians.

Retired Air Marshal and combat pilot said by providing Volodymyr Zelensky with further air defence systems this will provide Kyiv with the upper hand which will help with the “restoration of its territorial integrity.”

After many long months of the West being reluctant to send tanks, there has now been a policy change following pressure.

The former combat pilot said that Ukraine needs warplanes and the multirole F-16 fighter jet is the “strongest candidate” for their air force.

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In an opinion piece for The Telegraph, Air Marshall Greg Bagwell wrote, “We need to be clear what the aim of our support is.

“Our current piecemeal and slow transfer of equipment is more akin to a ‘not lose’ strategy; a strategy that is paid for in Ukrainian blood and relies on compromise or Russian capitulation – neither of which look likely outcomes.”

He added, “However, I believe it is to ensure that Ukraine wins its war with Russia, where winning means the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity.”

The single-engine multirole fighter aircraft F-16 is the “strongest candidate” to re-arm Ukraine’s air force, Mr Bagwell said.

Speaking about the F-16 fighter jet he wrote, “Despite its maturity, it remains a very capable air-to-air and air-to-ground fighter with plenty of longevity, and the modern weapons it can carry are every bit as important and valuable as the platform.

“It is in service with multiple nations, most of which have well-established plans to replace them and are already strong donors to Ukraine.”

The former pilot said these jets are a “key element” which serves two purposes, it will not only protect the Ukrainian Army and people on the ground now, but also be the tip of the spear when holding the ensuing peace later.”

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