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Ukraine confirms Russian forces have captured Soledar which has ‘seen more losses’ than they ‘suffered during both Chechen wars’

by LLB political Reporter
25th Jan 23 3:42 pm

A Ukrainian military spokesperson has said that their forces have withdrawn from Soledar and Russian troops have now captured to salt mining town.

Soeldar has been at the centre of intense fighting over many months which has seen tens of thousands on both sides brutally killed on both sides.

Kyiv forces have been involved in a “high intensity of the offensive” and Moscow has thrown a “large number of storm groups” in the battlefield and there is “almost no life left” in the town.

Moscow’s “scorched earth tactics” saw Russian shells and artillery firing on their “own troops” at the start of January which left thousands of lives “lost.”

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The Kremlin sent thousands of fighters including Wagner Group mercenaries, where it is believed around 40,000 were either killed, injured or had fled, and Russia soldiers were literally “stepping over the bodies” of their own.

Serhiy Cherevatyy, of the Eastern Joint Ukrainian armed forces, said on Wednesday afternoon they had “inflicted more losses” on Russian forces than they had suffered “during both Chechen wars.”

Cherevatyi told Sky News, “Ukrainian forces left Soledar and took better strategic positions.

“Withdrawal of our forces was well-controlled, planned, disciplined, and calm.

“In Soledar, we inflicted more losses to the enemy than it suffered during both Chechen wars.”

The spokesperson told a Ukrainian state broadcaster, that the military have achieved their main objective, by “not allowing the enemy to systematically breakthrough in the Donetsk direction.”

Ukraine’s Deputy Defence Minister Hanna Malyar said two weeks ago, “This is a difficult phase of the war.”

At the same time, the Russian Defence Ministry had claimed victory over Soledar, and had also claimed to have control of the town which is near to the larger city of Bakhmut.

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