Home Business News Sunak warns ‘we must not take peace at home for granted’ and will send Apache attack helicopters and Typhoons to Russia’s borders

Sunak warns ‘we must not take peace at home for granted’ and will send Apache attack helicopters and Typhoons to Russia’s borders

10th Nov 22 11:03 am

The Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced that the UK will deploy Typhoon fighter jets, Apache attack helicopters and Chinooks to Russia’s doorstep.

Sunak vowed the UK will be “the bedrock of NATO for generations to come” and will meet with NATO’s general secretary Jens Stoltenberg on Thursday.

The British Prime Minister and Stoltenberg will meet at Downing Street to discuss security and deterrence in the Euro-Atlantic area for the future.

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The Prime Minister said, “NATO is the cornerstone of our security, and the security of our allies. As the war in Ukraine continues to rage, we must not take peace at home for granted.

“I am determined the UK will be the bedrock of NATO for generations to come. But in order to face the challenges future we must evolve as an Alliance to meet, and remain ahead of, the threat from our adversaries.

“We must also continue backing the Ukrainian people in their resistance to Putin’s brutality.

“I’m pleased that UK-donated kit will be keeping the Ukrainian Armed Forces warm and safe as they face a perilous winter fighting for their country.”

The fighter jets and helicopters will be deployed to Estonia in April which will strengthen the alliance and the Baltic country has said they will build four additional barracks for British troops.

Speaking over the collaboration with Estonia, the British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said, “The UK’s commitment to Estonia and European defence and security is unwavering.”

He added, “The deployment of assets such as Apache and Chinook helicopters to exercise in Estonia is a clear example of the strength of our relationship, and the importance we place on our ability to effectively operate side by side.”

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