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Siemens chief says UK is at ‘point of crisis’ over Brexit

2nd Apr 19 9:57 am

Europe’s top businessman has said Britain is at risk of “trashing its fabulous relationship” with Europe, over the government’s failure to negotiate a Brexit deal.

The UK chief executive of Siemens, Jurgen Maier told the BBC’s Today programme, “We are at a point of crisis right at this moment in time.

“We need to find a way forward so we can re-establish that trust to give us the confidence to invest here again.”

Maier added, “If I was going to go to my board today and say here is another factory that I want to open for a major infrastructure project in the UK, I can tell you that with this turmoil right now, we would not be putting that over the line.

“I’m saying to our parliament, ‘enough is enough’ and this is the week where a decision needs to be made.

“I remember this country being the sick man of Europe in 1974 and it has taken us 45 years to create a Britain which is a trusting, reliable trading partner.

“My company, like many others, has invested hundreds of millions in this country over that period.”

In an open letter to lawmakers published on Politico yesterday Maier said, “Where the UK used to be beacon for stability, we are now becoming a laughing stock.”

Calling for a soft Brexit Maier said, “It has been clear for weeks, that the only way that this will be resolved is through compromise between the government and parliament.”

The Siemens board for investment are making it hard for Maier to support Britain, as the UK is heading towards a “hugely damaging no-deal Brexit.”

“Enough is enough. We are all running out of patience. Make a decision and unite around a customs union compromise that delivers economic security and stability

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