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Putin ‘understands he is in trouble’ and is ‘clinging to any opportunity to win’ he ‘is now terribly scared’

24th Feb 23 2:13 pm

A former Russian intelligence chief has said that Vladimir Putin “understands he is in trouble” and he is “clinging on to any opportunity to win” the war in Ukraine.

The former secret service General Yevgeny Savostyanov has given his own assessment of the Russia leader and said that he massively misread the West’s resolve.

In the months leading up to the war Putin never realised just how incompetent the Russian Army and that he “is now terribly scared.”

Putin’s problems are completely self-inflicted by invading a sovereign country, Savostyanov added, “He lived happily [yet] with his own hands, he took and ruined everything. Amazing story.”

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But then he warned that Putin is now “in such a psychological state that he is clinging to any opportunity to win.”

He said that Putin “perfectly understands the mood of people who have lost everything because of him” and his senseless war which cost hundreds of thousands of lives on both sides.

He added that Putin “understands this anger can find a way out, so he keeps them away.”

The MailOnline reported that Savostyanov said that ordinary Russian citizens “will live very poorly no matter what – it’s already inevitable.”

He like other former KGB agents believe it is a matter of time that Putin will lose the presidency, be it in a coup an assassination or the Russian leader and his henchmen will simply pass it on.

He said that it is possible Putin could pass the presidency to the Russian agriculture minister Dmitry Patrushev, 45, who is the son of the tyrants hardline security advisor Nikolai Patrushev.

Patrushev was one of the main architects of the war in Ukraine and it is possible “Patrushev’s son is named as a possible successor,” who is seen as a “suitable figure” who will be able to provide “support” to control the Russian Federation.

Earlier this week Patrushev was publicly praised as the state of the nation address by Putin and in the eyes of the West “he is not too smeared” as he has had no significant role in the war.

Savostyanov criticised Putin and said, that “Russia is slipping down into the role of the leader of the third world, where we are needed only as long as we can give money.

“The time will come, and [in Russia] we will see empty shelves, goods shortages, people impoverishment, and technological backwardness in all areas.

“One of Putin’s mistakes is that at the beginning of last summer, he did not catch the moment that the West stopped being afraid of him and would no longer retreat.

“The first mistake is to lead a campaign against the West. The second is to believe that in Ukraine, they were waiting for us with flowers and hugs.

“Corrupt propagandists and those who mastered big money allocated for creating the ‘fifth column’ in Ukraine – this is his mistake.

“The third is that he, it turns out, did not know how his own army works. And this is the most amazing thing. The army was built all these years in the expectation that there would be no need to fight in the West.”

He added, “The calculation was that Europe is in a hopeless energy situation.

“It can spin as it wants, but it will not do without Russia, so it will again be forced to devour what will be put on the table.”

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