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Wallace warns ‘war is coming’ as Putin to send apocalyptic Satan 2 nuclear capable missiles into combat

by LLB political Reporter
23rd Feb 23 4:42 pm

Vladimir Putin has said that he will send into active combat that apocalyptic 208-tonne Satan 2 nuclear capable missile.

As Putin marks Russia’s Defender of the Fatherland Day he told citizens the “first launchers of the Sarmat missile system with a new heavy missile are taking up combat duty.”

The Sarmat will also be supported by the Kinzhal air-launched hypersonic missile and Putin has said that he will start to deliver the Zirkon sea launched hypersonic missiles to Russian forces.

He told Russian’s about the Kremlin’ plans and said, Russian forces will also be supported with “new strike systems, reconnaissance and communications equipment, drones and artillery systems.”

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The British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace warned that “war is coming” and the UK could well be embroiled in either a “hot or cold” conflict with Russia “by the end of the decade.”

Wallace has called for more defence spending and said that as a result of Putin’s war in Ukraine the world is “definitely more dangerous, more unstable and more insecure.”

Wallace told The Sun, “Conflict is coming by the end of this decade, whether it is a cold war or hot, war is coming.

“We just have to recognise that in order to deter you just have to be ready, you have to be equipped and you have to stand with your friends and your allies.”

The West was delivered another a grim warning that China’s support for Putin in his war with Ukraine threatens “our whole way of life.”

Author Ian Williams wrote in the Daily Mail, the Chinese President and Putin are “both tyrants, who are not bound by the same constraints as our leaders,” this “makes it much harder for our intelligence agencies to predict what might happen.”

He said, “The consequences are almost beyond imagination. Everything about Vladimir Putin’s insane invasion of Ukraine has been unthinkable, but if China weighs in with open support for the Russian dictator’s beleaguered army, then our whole way of life could be threatened.”

He added, “If the day comes when China starts openly providing weapons, it will redefine global politics in a way we haven’t seen since the Cold War.

“Even the darkest days of the simmering conflict between the USSR and NATO cannot compare to the cataclysm threatening to engulf us if China gives arms to Russia.”

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