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Moscow announces the ‘Satan II’ hypersonic nuclear missile will soon be ready which is capable to strike the US

by LLB political Reporter
21st Dec 22 1:48 pm

Vladimir Putin has given a speech to his military chiefs on Wednesday and he outlined that the “Satan II” hypersonic nuclear weapon which is capable of striking the US, will be ready for deployment soon.

The Satan II also known as the RS-28 Sarmat carries 10 nuclear warheads which can be launched to easy hit targets in the US and Europe.

Putin has vowed to provide Russian troops with anything that they need and he has said the defence budget in 2023 will now be $84 billion, which is 40% more than in 2021.

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He told defence chiefs that NATO will use their resources “to the full extent” against Russia and told the military leaders to draw on their experiences gained from Syria to be used in Ukraine.

The Sarmat hypersonic nuclear weapon took flight in northern Russia, Sergey Karakaev, the commander of the country’s strategic missile forces confirmed.

The nuclear missile travels five times faster than speed of sound and has a capable range of 12,000 miles.

He told Russia’s top defence chiefs that Russia will achieve all their goals in the so called “special military operation” and hailed his troops as “heroes.”

According to the Ukrainian government Russia is nearing the grim milestone of 100,000 troops killed in action since the start of the war.

Unverified figures say that the total number of “eliminated personnel” has now reached 99,740 and Putin said that the battlefield losses are a “common tragedy.”

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