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Boris Johnson could receive ‘at least three more fines’ for breaking the law and rejects calls to resign

by LLB political Reporter
14th Apr 22 10:24 am

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson who made that Covid lockdown laws for millions of Brits in England is now facing “at least three more fines” for breaking the law.

Johnson is dismissing calls to resign from Downing Street and the Chancellor Rishi Sunak who was also fined has rejected calls to resign.

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The Guardian and the Mirror reported that “insiders” have said they believe law breaker Johnson is likely to receive a further three more fines from the Metropolitan Police.

A person “close to the probe” told the Mirror, “This is not the only fine Johnson is getting.”

Johnson previously stated that “it did not occur to me that this might have been a breach of the rules” which he himself set which saw thousands of people being arrested and given fines for breaching lockdown laws.

Welsh Secretary Simon Hart said he does not see the difference between the Prime Minister receiving “one or two” fines.

Speaking to Times Radio, Hart said “the principle is the same,” but added, “Now I freely accept there are others who take a different view to that.

“I just happen to be of the view that it is what it is, the fixed penalty notice is there, Boris Johnson has done what he had to do, which was to apologise, to show contrition and to make sure that these kinds of breaches, the culture of Downing Street has altered, so these kinds of breaches can’t reoccur.”

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