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Beijing and the US could tip into ‘armed confrontation’ China warns

4th May 20 8:01 pm

A classified Chinese intelligence report warns that China and the US could face a Tiananmen Square global backlash over Covid-19, which could lead to an “armed confrontation.”

The classified report warns that Beijing could erupt due to the rising hostility they are facing from global leaders over the pandemic, sources have said.

The classified report was presented by the Ministry of State Security to top leaders in Beijing, including President Xi Jingping.

Sources said that global hostilities towards China is the highest it has been since the Tiananmen Square massacre in 1989.

Beijing are facing strong anti-China sentiment which they claim is being led by the US and are therefore preparing a worst-case scenario ready for “armed confrontation” with the USA.

People who are familiar with the report declined to be identified, given the serious sensitivity over the report between the two global powers.

A think tank who are China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations (CICIR) and are also affiliated with China’s top intelligence agency drew up the reports.

According to Reuters, the classified briefing paper remains disclosed, said the sources who have direct knowledge of the report.

A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said, “I don’t have the relevant information” they said in a statement.

Also, the CICIR refused to comment. The CICIR are an influential think tank in China who advise the Chinese government over security and foreign policy.

The document clearly demonstrates how seriously Beijing are taking the threat of war and building a backlash that could threaten China’s strategic investments overseas, according to Reuters.

Tensions are rapidly growing between Washington and Beijing and relations are at their worst in decades.

There has been a deepening mistrust and multiple friction points from the US with allegations of unfair trade and tech practices, particularly with Huawei, and now the rapid escalation of US Naval warships in the South China Seas with US allies.

The paper concluded that the White House views Beijing’s rise as an economical threat to Western democracies.

A US State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said in response to questions from Reuters, China had a “special responsibility” to inform global leaders of the threat coronavirus poses as they “were the first to learn of it.”

Ortagus added, “Beijing’s efforts to silence scientists, journalists, and citizens and spread disinformation exacerbated the dangers of this health crisis.”

China has a more formidable military that in previous decades as President Xi Jingping has revamped his military to create a unique fighting force which are very much equipped to win modern day wars.

Jingping has also been expanding the Air Force and Naval reach to challenge almost 80-years of US dominance across Asia.

China’s foreign ministry called for cooperation and said, “any words or actions that engage in political manipulation or stigmatisation under the pretext of the pandemic, including taking the opportunity to sow discord between countries, are not conducive to international cooperation against the pandemic.”

The US Navy have been conducting military drills in the South China Seas which has brought more tension between the two global powers.

Last week Australia sent a warship to the region which joined the US Navy in military drills, China immediately placed their country at the highest security level in preparedness for war.

US military activity in the heavily contested South China Sea (SCS) has dramatically increased and the risk of a confrontation is increasing.

According to a Beijing think tank, the SCS Strategic Situation Probing Initiative’s annual report claims the US have intensified military operations in waters across the region.

The report says the US conducted eight freedom of navigation operations, whereby the US Navy sail within 12 nautical miles of China’s land.

The Chinese Navy have sent their aircraft carrier fully laden with fighter jets into the controversial South China Sea (SCS) in the area of Miyako Strait.

This is raising tensions with the US which could escalate as the US Pacific Fleet stationed in Okinawa could respond with action.

Australia have been warned by China to stop investigating Beijing and Wuhan over the outbreak of coronavirus, after publishing a damning 15-page dossier.

Beijing have accused Australia of copying the US in a conducting research independently from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

A damning intelligence report compiled by the Australian Secret Intelligence Service, the equivalent of Britain’s MI6 has condemned China over their secrecy.

Beijing deliberately remained secret over the initial outbreak in Wuhan, China which amounts to an “assault on international transparency.”

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