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Russian commander shoots at his own ‘f***ing coward’ soldiers but ‘its no use’ as they ‘don’t want to fight’

by LLB political Reporter
1st May 22 2:07 pm

A Russian commander has admitted that he is shooting at his own troops to force them to fight in Ukraine, “but it’s no use” as they “don’t want to fight.”

Many of Vladimir Putin’s soldiers have “little motivation and little combat experience” and it appears that morale amongst Russian troops who are fighting on the front line are on the brink of collapse.

Ukrainian Security Services (SBU) intercepted a Russian telephone call which heard a soldier claim that his officers are in a state of “panic” and “want the war to end.”

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In another intercepted phone call the SBU heard a Russian officer tell his wife that “My soldiers don’t want to fight. I even shoot them, but it’s no use.”

He gave much criticism to the Kremlin as they are sending new recruits to the trenches and said around 60 soldiers had arrived.

He added, “F***ing loads of them are cowards, alarmists. The problems are with them.”

Another intercept heard, “Officers are in panic, they want it all to end. It’s been going on every day for one-and-a-half months.

“Everyone’s just sick of it all. I want to go home, hug my wife and children.”

In March Putin ordered for there to be 134,500 new conscripts to bolster troop numbers as thousands have been killed, injured, captured or have fled.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke in Russian in his nightly video address, where he urged Russian soldiers not to fight in Ukraine.

He said, even their generals expected that thousands of them would die and Russia has been recruiting new troops “with little motivation and little combat experience.”

Zelensky warned the troops that Russian commanders know that thousands of their forces will die and many more thousands will be wounded.

“The Russian commanders are lying to their soldiers when they tell them they can expect to be held seriously responsible for refusing to fight and then also don’t tell them, for example, that the Russian army is preparing additional refrigerator trucks for storing the bodies,” Zelensky said late on Saturday.

“They don’t tell them about the new losses the generals expect. Every Russian soldier can still save his own life.

“It’s better for you to survive in Russia than to perish on our land.”

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