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Russian troops blasted over mutiny and are called ‘weaklings, cowards and traitors’ as they refuse to fight in Ukraine

by LLB political Reporter
1st Apr 22 11:43 am

A furious Siberian-based Interior Ministry commander has blasted elite Russian troops over their mutiny for refusing to fight in Ukraine.

Russian Refusenik riot police troops were ordered by Vladimir Putin to go and fight in Ukraine after they refused a Military commander branded them as “weaklings, cowards and traitors.”

The loyal Russian commander to Putin blasted, “Let’s call a spade a spade – weaklings, cowards and traitors,” and then threatened the police troops with a lifetime of disgrace and harassment by the spy agency.

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He told the police troops of another incident when 11 elite troops from Siberia refused to fight in the Ukraine war, he said “They’ve all been fired.”

He added, “When people had to stand up for their country, for some reason they bottled it.”

He continued, “How do you intend to live afterwards? Life (will go on) In two or three weeks, this crap will be over.

“How will you live afterwards?

“I don’t think an officer has the right to quit the battlefield.

“You have practically gone down the road of criminality and treason. I don’t know what is worse.”

He then threated to kick the troops out of the force, then he accused them of “cowardice” who have the “lack of moral fibre.”

“Individually, go up to a puddle, look into it, and say ‘I’m a (expletive) coward,” he ordered.

“You’ve betrayed your country, you’ve betrayed your unit. You’ve betrayed your units.

“And the main thing is not that you’ve betrayed me, but you’ve betrayed your own ideals, your unit.”

He finished the six-minute rant as the police troops and then added, “We’ll do all we can so that your surnames are given to your schools, your colleges, places where you studied, grew up and so on.

“So that your parents will know who they brought up.

“We’ve got 445 wounded. That’s the wounded in our entire battle group.

“And that’s the lowest of the lot. The Airborne Troops have had several times more.

“Dozens of times more. Dozens of times more! And other groups have loads more casualties.”

“We’re at war now. Yes, you will stay alive, but you will be an outcast.”

He then warned them that the Russian security agency FSB have place other deserters “under special control,” meaning they could be branded as Ukrainian spies by Moscow.

He added, “God knows, maybe they are Ukrainian traitors.

“They are fighting, we and you are fighting, the whole state is fighting, the whole machine.

“I think that you, colleagues, are making a very grave mistake in life.

“Why didn’t the Covid nurses desert?

“Tell me. Explain that to me, why were they dying in those Covid hospitals, why didn’t they desert?

“You have your war, or rather we do, with assault rifles, machine-guns. Are you really weaker than those girls?”

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