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‘Riot’ breaks out on one of Putin’s warships as Russian marines declare ‘mutiny’ and refuse to attack Odesa

2nd Mar 22 2:43 pm

According to reports Russian marines have refused to attack Odesa defied reports and turned back staging “mutiny” within the Russian Navy.

The fleet deployed from Crimea and were due to start a military assault on the beaches of Odessa returned back and a “riot” broke out on one of the warships.

Retired Ukrainian diplomat Olexander Scherba tweeted, “Last night a large group of Russian warships was about to launch landing on Odesa beaches.

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“They approached the coast. Russia was about to shell the beach.

“Ukraine was about to shoot back when they suddenly withdrew.

“Reports that marines from Crimea refused to attack Odesa.”

The marines who have declared mutiny on onf Vladimir Putin’s warships were from the 810th Brigade, according to Russian opposition politician Ilya Ponomarev.

Ponomarev wrote on Facebook, “Putin’s command, indeed, planned such an operation, in which large paratroopers, you will not believe it, were going to dock to the Luzanov beach, preliminary operation on the line relationships from the backfire systems.

“At the same time, enemy helicopters and a large number of UAF were flying in the Gulf.

“Ukrainian Air Force and other defenders of Odessa were preparing to give a decisive fight back to the opponent, but at the very last moment the Russians came in contact and asked to give them the opportunity to leave the Gulf.

“According to our data, there was a real rebellion on Russian ships: Russian men refused to follow the order and storm the coast of the Slavic Russian-language city.”

Ponomarev added, “Russian soldiers, take an example from your comrades!”

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