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‘Elite Russian unit stage mutiny’ and refuse to fight in Ukraine and are being ‘threatened with criminal cases’

by LLB political Reporter
7th Apr 22 11:13 am

Vladimir Putin is facing yet another bout of “mutiny” as an “elite Russian unit” have staged “mutiny” as they are refusing to fight in Ukraine.

After the Russian paratroopers refused to fight they were sent to Belarus with many sacked others “threatened with criminal cases” and were sent back home to Pskov, nothern Russia in disgrace, the Pskovskaya Guberniya, an independent newspaper in Pskov has reported.

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Pskovskaya Guberniya reported, “About 60 servicemen from Pskov refused to go to war on Ukrainian territory, according to our sources.

“After the first days of the war, they were first brought to the Republic of Belarus, and then they returned to their base in Pskov.

“Most of them are currently being dismissed, but some are threatened with criminal cases.”

The Russian Defence Minister Sergie Shoigu is handling the insubordination of his troops and he sent his deputy to Pskov to handle the mutinous soldiers.

A Russian soldier from Pskov which is home to most of Russia’s elite fighting units, Vladimir Safronov told his Ukrainian interrogators about problems with rations, and how his officers were looting the civilian population.

He said, “Things are bad with food, we are constantly saving it.

“Very often we have a situation in which a ration for one person is shared between two people.

“We are eating mostly what we find inside civilian houses.

“There is a lot of looting, I’ve personally seen it.

“I don’t support it, it was mainly senior sergeants and the commander who did it.

“I saw civilians who were hiding, people who were unable to evacuate, who lived in constant fear.

“I felt awfully sorry for them, it was scary to find them.”

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