Home Business News Putin has suffered a ‘significant defeat’ as Ukrainian forces have ‘liberated areas of Kherson’ after fierce fighting

Putin has suffered a ‘significant defeat’ as Ukrainian forces have ‘liberated areas of Kherson’ after fierce fighting

1st Aug 22 3:39 pm

Vladimir Putin is starting realise that he is staring at a “significant defeat” after Ukrainian forces have killed hundreds of Russian’s and have “liberated areas of Kherson” on Monday.

Last week Russian soldiers were warned to “retreat or be annihilated” from Kherson after they have destroyed a key river crossing, they did not and are now paying a hefty price with their lives.

Ukraine’s “counter-offensive is now gathering pace” but still remains “critical” in Kherson after 46 settlements were successfully re-taken back into Ukrainian control.

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Dmytro Butriy, acting head of Kherson Regional Military Administration strongly urged on Monday that it is still desirable for civilians to evacuate to safer regions until the region is completely liberated.

Butriy said at an online briefing on Monday, “Forty-six settlements have already been de-occupied in Kherson region today, most of them are in the north [of the region], which borders on Dnipropetrovsk region and a little in the south, on the border with Mykolaiv region.”

Butriy added that in the de-occupied territory “there are villages that are almost 90% destroyed – they are still under constant shelling today, the population has mostly left.”

Butriy stressed the situation in Kherson region is still very “critical” and he once again urged residents to evacuate to safer regions.

“In order to protect yourself, I … recommend evacuating to safer territories before the liberation of the region,” Butriy added.

Ukrainian forces have now “cut off” the Russian army who are now “highly vulnerable” in the city of Kherson which was the first city to be taken when the war started on 24 February.

Speaking on GB News, Professor Anthony Glees said that Putin is “clearly in a lot of trouble” as losing the city of Kherson would be a devastating blow which could end up seeing him flee the Kremlin for his own safety.

Tatiana Stanovaya who is a Russia expert wrote in the New York Times, that “sooner or later Putin will realise that he is losing the war in Ukraine, then he will “face this reality” which will then make the Russian leader at his “most dangerous.”

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