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Putin is staring at a ‘significant defeat’ in Kherson and he is ‘clearly in a lot of trouble’ which will be a ‘dangerous’ moment

by LLB staff reporter
31st Jul 22 3:24 pm

US intelligence has revealed that Vladimir Putin is staring at a “significant defeat” in the city of Kherson which will be a major defeat for the Russian leader and the Kremlin.

Ukrainian forces are killing hundreds upon hundreds of Putin’s troops weekly in the eastern region of Ukraine and it has been estimated by US intelligence that between 60,000 and 80,000 Russian soldiers have been killed or injured.

Speaking on GB News, Professor Anthony Glees said that Putin is “clearly in a lot of trouble” as losing the city of Kherson would be a devastating blow which could end up seeing him flee the Kremlin.

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Professor Glees said, “We and the Americans assess that 75,000 Russian soldiers have either been killed or been wounded.

“That’s a hell of a lot!

“And 80% of active Russian forces are now bogged now in the east of Ukraine.

“Putin had hoped to win this war in a matter of days, and what has actually happened is that it is grinding, not towards a stalemate but a defeat.

“It seems that if the battle of Kherson ends up in Ukraine’s favour, Russia will have suffered a significant defeat.”

He added, “The head of MI6 has form in predicting what is going to happen.

“He said Russia was going to invade Ukraine when many doubted that.

“We need to listen very carefully to what he is saying – and the Russians need to listen to what he is saying, and I hope they will do.”

Sooner or later Putin will realise that he is losing the war in Ukraine, then he will “face this reality” which will then make the Russian leader at his “most dangerous.”

Tatiana Stanovaya who is a Russia expert wrote in the New York Times that the Kremlin believes that they are winning the war.

She wrote, “Everything is going according to plan. That’s the line from President Vladimir Putin. The war in Ukraine, in its fifth month and with no end in sight, may be grueling.

“But senior Kremlin officials keep repeating that Russia, gaining the upper hand in Ukraine’s east, will achieve all its goals.”

“That might seem hard to believe,” Stanovaya added, “But it’s what the Kremlin seems to believe.”

Stanovaya said that Putin will “face reality” sooner or later, “It is in that moment, when his plans are stymied and his disappointment high, that he is likely to be most dangerous,” she warned.

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