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‘Israel is targeting children’ as families fled south as ordered by Israel bombed ‘killing more than 70 families’

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
17th Oct 23 2:41 pm

Many families who fled northern Gaza as ordered to do so by the Israeli authorities were killed in an airstrike by the Israeli Air Force on Tuesday.

The Israeli Prime Minister and the Defence chief ordered 1.1 million Gazans to evacuate northern Gaza and head south for their own protection.

This many families did, ten days after the conflict started Israel conducted air raids in southern Gaza and killed more than 70 families as they slept on Khan Younis, Rafah and Deir el-Balah, according to the Palestinian enclave’s Ministry of Health.

Al Jazeera’s Safwat Kahlout reported from Gaza that many who were senselessly killed had evacuated under orders from the Israeli authorities to the south.

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Kahlout added, “Ambulances are transporting the injured to already overcrowded hospitals, and we are told that many people are still trapped in the rubble of the targeted buildings, awaiting rescue.”

An employee of the Emergency Medical Services, who was holding the body of an infant outside of Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, told Al Jazeera, “Israel is targeting children.”

He said, “We were all asleep and woke up [in the early morning before dawn] to pray. Immediately afterwards, our house with 40 people inside, old and young, was hit.

“Suddenly the entire neighbourhood was in ruins. The scenes I witnessed are indescribable, with bodies all around me.”

United Nations officials have warned that hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who are trapped in the Gaza Strip are facing a “real catastrophe” as Israel bombardment was one of the heaviest.

The UN said on Tuesday that the Israeli army are continuing to pound southern areas even though they ordered them to flee the north and head south.

Innocent women and children stand very little chance as Israel continue their offensive by air, land and sea in Gaza which is just some 27 miles long and around 7.5 miles wide.

The World Health Organization (WHO) warned that “water remains a key issue as people will start dying without water,” adding that there is only “24 hours of water, electricity and fuel left” in Gaza.

The UN agency for Palestinian refugees said in Tuesday’s report, “Concerns over dehydration and waterborne diseases are high given the collapse of water and sanitation services, including today’s shutdown of Gaza’s last functioning seawater desalination plant.

“Fuel reserves at all hospitals across Gaza are expected to last for an additional 24 hours only. The shutdown of backup generators would place the lives of thousands of patients at serious risk.”

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