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Boris Johnson warned he will be ‘pretty much toast’ and will ‘be finished if’ he is fined over partygate

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
30th Mar 22 3:53 pm

The Prime Minister sat before the Liaison Committee on Wednesday afternoon and was asked if he has received a fine by the Met Police for breaking lockdown laws in Downing Street.

Boris Johnson was warned today that if he is among those fined over breaching lockdown laws he will be “pretty much toast.”

Pete Wishart, chair of the Scottish Affairs Committee, warned that Johnson was “pretty much toast” if he was among those fined over “partygate,” Wishart added, “You’d be finished if you were one of them.”

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Johnson kept to his continous line of I will not “give a running commentary on an investigation that is underway.”

Johnson was told by Wishart that the public have difficulty in believing his comments that he never broke the rules.

Johnson replied, “There will come a point where I will be able to talk about the investigation and the conclusions of the investigation – when the investigation has concluded.”

Labour’s Catherine McKinnell asked Johnson what his response is to the 130,000 petitioners who are calling for “lying in the House of Commons to be an offence.”

“I think that it’s very important that you should be clear with the House of Commons – and I’ve tried to be as clear as I can about my understanding of events,” Johnson replied.

“I’ve been back repeatedly before the Commons to explain, to apologise for the things that I think we’ve we’ve got wrong – and I’ve no doubt that I will be I will be back again.

“But, you know, there’s there’s not a lot more I can say at the present time.”

He repeated for people to “wait until the investigation is completed” before passing judgement over him.

Johnson has said he will only comment over “partygate” once the Metropolitan Police have finished their probe.

Asked by Labour MP Clive Betts, chair of today’s Liaison Committee, if he will respond once it’s finishe, he replied, “It’s only at that stage that we will be able to conclude the Sue Gray process. And that’s when we will be able to wrap the whole thing up.”

He said at that point he will then appear before the committee for “a sensible discussion.”

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