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A ‘new stage of the war will soon begin’ as Ukraine’s ‘army of drones’ destroys Russian equipment and troops

by LLB staff reporter
25th Sep 23 4:44 pm

An senior Ukrainian official has said that Ukraine’s “army of drones” has taken out 205 pieces of Russian military equipment.

Ukraine’s drone army is bombarding Russian forces on the battlefield and Moscow is being warned a “new stage of the war will soon begin.”

The Ukrainian Minister for Digital Transformation Mykhailo Federov has said on Monday, “Our soldiers keep moving forward and Russians keep losing their equipment.

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“Powerful results. More to come.”

Federov said that their army of drones hit a record 205 of Russian military equipment and “destroyed 64 Russian cannons, 27 tanks, 55 trucks,” 38 armoured combat vehicles and 68 Russian troops last week.

According to a report published by AP on Monday, Federov said that Ukraine is dedicated to building a cutting-edge “army of drones” and that Kyiv has now trained more than 10,000 new drone pilots just this year alone.

A new stage of the war will soon begin,” Federov said, according to the AP.

The Russian Defence Ministry are pushing there defences to the limit as they are being bombarded by Ukraine’s drones.

In the Kursk and Bryansk regions in western Russia four Ukrainian drones were intercepted by air defence systems, and two damaged several residential homes in Kursk.

In Crimea four more were shot down and one more on Monday was intercepted in the Belgorod region near to the Ukrainian border.

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