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Russian troops are now in ‘same situation as Afghanistan’ in Ukraine before ‘the withdrawal’

by LLB staff reporter
25th Sep 23 4:00 pm

Ukraine’s counteroffensive is taking place across many different locations on the front and in the Kherson region Russian airstrikes and in Zaporizhzhia two Ukrainian’s were killed with eight wounded.

Guided bombs targeted the city of Kherson which hit civilian homes killing at least two with five left wounded, AP said.

On Monday Russia’s RIA state news agency reported their forces had intercepted a drone attack in Tula, south of Kherson.

Ukrainian forces have once again broken through key Russian defences in Verbove, Zaporizhzhia and Russian troops are hitting out at Russia’s Ministry of Defence as they are trying to conceal the true extent of Kyiv’s attacks, according to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW)

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Footage posted on Sunday shows Ukrainian military fighting vehicles in Verbove, which is the first time they have been seen in that location since the war started.

Ukraine now controls half of Verbove, a Russian airborne unit the VDV have reported, whilst the Kremlin are trying hide this fact.

The VDV said on social media, “For how long can [Sergei] Shoigu’s Ministry of Defense hide the breakthrough in Verbove?”

The “Teplinsky” airborne VDV unit said that Ukrainian forces are attacking north of the city and the 56th VDV Regiment could now be cut off from the rest of their unit.

A Russian soldier from the VDV wrote, “Now there is a real threat of the enemy reaching the rear of the 56th Airborne Regiment 7th Airborne Division in the area of the settlement, Novofedorivka.

“Our guys fight not for the sake of carrying out combat missions, but for the sake of preserving the lives of their friends in the platoon, the same situation we saw in Afghanistan before the withdrawal of troops, the same thing happened before the end of hostilities in the Chechen wars… People are tired.

“There are no rotations, no vacations.”

The soldiers concerns hace been echoed by several Russian military bloggers who also agree that Ukrainian forces are improving their positions in Novofedorivka and in other areas around Verbove.

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