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Belarus deploys special forces to Ukrainian border as NATO have built up their ‘military presence’ in the region

by LLB political Reporter
11th May 22 1:03 pm

The Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has deployed his armed forces to the border of Ukraine because Western allies have built up “their military presence” in the region.

Viktor Gulevich, who is the chief of the general staff of the Belarusian armed forces has claimed that Ukraine has sent some 20,000 people close to the Belarus border.

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Lukashenko said that they are to deploy special forces in three areas near to the southern border with Ukraine.

He said in a statement on Telegram, “The group created over the past six months has more than doubled both in quantity and quality.

“The appearance in the waters of the Mediterranean and Baltic Seas of a group carrying sea and air-based cruise missiles, an increase in the aviation group in the countries of Poland and the Baltic states indicate a growing threat to the Republic of Belarus.”

The chief of the general staff said that he has deployed his troops to the region to “in order to ensure the security of the Republic of Belarus.”

He added, “The grouping created by the armed forces of Ukraine in the southern operational direction with a total number of up to 20,000 people also requires a response from us.

“In order to ensure the security of the Republic of Belarus in the southern direction, the forces of the units of the special operations forces are deployed in three tactical directions.”

Minsk has been complaining for many months that NATO are amassing thousands of soldiers close to their borders in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.

Gulevich  said, “The United States and its allies continue to build up their military presence on the state borders of the Republic of Belarus.

“The established grouping has more than doubled in the past six months in quantity and quality.”

Lukashenko said that Vladimir Putin will send missiles to Belarus such as the Russian-made S-400 and S-300 surface-to-air missile systems.

“We are realists, we understand that we will not be able to defeat NATO. But we can cause damage, especially to those territories from which we will be attacked,” he said.

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