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‘Worn out’ NHS doctors and nurses are refusing to work in Covid wards and slam the government over lack of ‘political will’

by LLB political Reporter
12th Dec 21 1:56 pm

A London hospital chief has said staff are “worn out and quite frightened” to work in the Covid wards and are now “downing tools.”

The Prime Minister does not want a lockdown, will allow people to party this Christmas and they will get infected, there  is no “preventable political will” and senior doctor has said “I’m Covid cannon fodder.”

A senior doctor said, “I feel, at times, that I am considered totally expendable and that, if I die or become ill, not only will it have been preventable with political will, I will simply be an inconvenient statistic.

“I’m not a Covid hero, I’m Covid cannon fodder.”

Hospital chiefs across the UK have warned that traumatised NHS staf who are over stretched are refusing to be redeployed back to the Covid wards.

A junior doctor said, “Knowing the Government was failing in so many ways to support us… failed Test and Trace, failed PPE procurement, weak messaging, permitted non-compliance with mask-wearing and distancing, set a poor example (Barnard Castle, etc).

“We as healthcare providers were alone and utterly unsupported, apart from the weekly round of applause that was a pointless gesture and felt like a kick in the teeth.”

A hospital chief in the Midlands warned that their critical care is now at 130% bed occupancy and they are planning to expand into other areas, but this most likely will be impossible as staff will not return back to the highly infectious Covid wards.

The hospital chief explained, “It was voluntary before and now they’re saying no.

“We are getting people, from a critical care perspective, downing tools. So we can’t expand further.”

The head of a London NHS hospital told The Sunday Times, “I’ve got a lot of staff who have said they’re not going back on to Covid wards and I think you’ve got to pay attention when people are saying that.

“People are pretty worn out and quite frightened about being redeployed into Covid wards again.

“They don’t want to go there again.”

Jo Daniels, a clinical psychologist who led the research said, “Some of the stories frontline workers told us about for this research are truly devastating: last moments spent trying to set up an iPad in time for a young mother to say goodbye to her children; wrestling to intubate agitated patients; family members watching loved ones die remotely via video-link.

“Added to this is the scale – the sheer number of frontline workers for whom these experiences have just become normalised – these results are truly shocking.

“We are seeing increasing levels of staff attrition, absenteeism, poor psychological health, and loss of life, yet frontline doctors are expected to just carry on.

“Despite the popular media narrative of healthcare workers being our Covid-19 heroes, many simply do not feel that way in terms of how they are being supported.”


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