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Wife returns home to find her husband ‘shot in the head, mutilated, tortured’ by Russian troops in Bucha

by LLB Reporter
4th Apr 22 9:59 am

A Ukrainian wife returned to her home in Bucha, near Kyiv to find her husband shot dead in the head by Russian troops and was left in the basement of their home.

Tanya Nedashkivska was looking for her beloved Vasyl Ivanovych who was a naval officer and was arrested by Russian soldiers.

She found her husband in the basement and recognised him by his trainers and trousers, she said, “He looked mutilated, his body was cold. They turned him over a little. He had been shot in the head, mutilated, tortured.”

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Russian troops will most likely face Nuremberg-style trials just as the Nazi’s did after WWII for their horrific war crimes

Russian soldiers mutilate women, children and bury almost ‘300 in people in mass graves’ with the youngest being just 14-years old

International Criminal Court asked to investigate ‘mass graves’ and ‘murder, torture, looting, rape’ of Ukrainian civilians

Ukraine authorities find scenes ‘hard to describe’ with ‘mass graves, half burned bodies’ and ‘executed civilians’

Many images are now coming out of Ukraine showing dead bodies of civilians scattered in the streets with their hands and legs bound and were shot dead in the head.

After the Russia soldiers retreated from Bucha Ukrainian authorities have found more than 400 bodies and counting which were shot dead at point blank in their heads with their hands bound and were mutilated.

Many of the dead bodies have been left booby trapped and Ukrainian soldiers are being forced to tie long cables on the corpses to drag them away in case they blow up.

The President’s spokesperson Sergey Nikiforov said officials found what looked “exactly like war crimes,”  including the bodies of executed non-military civilians and mass graves.

“In Bucha, we have already buried 280 people in mass graves,” Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk told the AFP news agency earlier on Sunday.

“All these people were shot, killed, in the back of the head.”

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