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Three reasons why Theresa May failed

by LLB Reporter
14th Jun 17 8:19 am

Where the PM went wrong

Theresa May failed to achieve the outcome of the election she expected.

Mike Taylor, Managing Director at Business Performance and Leadership Consultancy Accelerating Experience, says: “Theresa May failed to win the majority she anticipated when she called her snap election for three reasons:

“Firstly, personalising the campaign was as big a gamble as calling the election itself. By saying “back me”, rather than “back us”, she immediately put herself in a much brighter spotlight than would otherwise have been the case. Indeed, the cult of the leader is so prevalent today, any character blemishes are magnified exponentially.

“Secondly, she didn’t need a manifesto. Her principle statement of needing a strong leader to lead the Brexit negotiations was arguably strong enough. Indulging in unnecessary controversial other policies diluted the core message irreparably.

“Finally, Mrs May’s approach to policy setting was her third undoing. By developing manifesto policies alone on the hoof, little wonder unexpected points of dissatisfaction weren’t resolved before launch. Whilst setting direction is a key point of leadership, equally so is creating followers.

“Leadership is much more important than being a leader, and the world is littered with failed CEO’s who’ve tried to do everything themselves. The days of the hero leader are dead and gone.”


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