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Russia warns they’re ready turn ‘everyone to radioactive ash’ and Putin will ‘put a gun to America’s head’

21st Dec 21 2:50 pm

If NATO forces are sent to or stationed in the Ukraine the Russia will “put a gun to America’s head” and everyone will be “turned into radioactive ash,” Vladamir Putin’s media mogul has warned, which would turn Germany into a nuclear wasteland.

Due to the “unfriendly” Western action in the Ukraine, Putin has warned that he will take “military measures” in response, which is the strongest indication yet that Russia is ready for all out war.

On Tuesday during a Defence Ministry meeting, Russia gave its strongest indication yet that they “will react toughly to unfriendly steps,” and added that “we have every right to do so.”

On another state-owned channel, Rossiya 1 a presenter warned viewers on Monday that “maybe we really are on the verge of war with NATO.”

The presenter said, “The United States must sign off on its hegemony; its hegemony is over.”

They added, “Either they step back voluntarily or we’ll make them do it by force. And Russia makes no guarantees about the survival of Ukraine, especially as a sovereign state.”

The presenter ended by saying, “Maybe we really are on the eve of war with NATO.”

However, the British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has said it is highly unlikely UK troops will be sent to the Ukraine as that are “not a member of NATO.”

He added that therefore “it is highly unlikely that anyone is going to send troop into the Ukraine to challenge Russia’s” potential invasion in to the country.

He continued, “We can all help with capacity building but to some extent Ukraine is not in Nato and that is why we are doing the best diplomatically to say to Putin don’t do this.”

However, last week Boris Johnson warned the Kremlin that there would be “serious consequences” should Russia invade the Ukraine.

In a previous press conference, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said, “We believe that dialogue is important especially when times are difficult as they are now.”

He added, “And our invitation to Moscow to meet in the NATO-Russia Council stands, and we are ready to sit down.

“But we will never compromise on the right of every sovereign nation, as Ukraine, to choose his own path and of the principle that it is for Ukraine and the 30 Allies to decide when Ukraine is ready to join the Alliance.”

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