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Russia warns of a nuclear war in Europe if ‘Ukraine joins NATO and attempts to bring Crimea back by military means’

8th Feb 22 11:12 am

The Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a bone chilling warning that if he does not get his own way there could be a nuclear war in Europe.

The despot leader said “do you understand” if the “Ukraine joins NATO” then Europe will be pulled into a “war” with Russia.

Putin said that talks with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron were constructive and told a press conference that there will be a nuclear war if Ukraine joins NATO.

The Russian President said, “I want to stress it one more time. I’ve been saying it, but I’d very much want you to finally hear me, and to deliver it to your audience in print, TV and online.

“Do you understand it or not, that if Ukraine joins NATO and attempts to bring Crimea back by military means, the European countries will be automatically pulled into a war conflict with Russia?

“Of course the [military] potential of NATO and Russia are incomparable.

“We understand it. But we also understand that Russia is one of the leading nuclear states, and by some modern components it even outperforms many.

“There will be no winners, and you will be pulled into this conflict against your will.

“You won’t even have time to blink your eye when you execute Article 5 (collective defence of NATO members).

“Mr President (Macron), of course, doesn’t want this, and I don’t want it, which is why he is here, torturing me for six straight hours.”

Putin said that there has been a “complete disregard for our concerns, demands, and proposals,” as Russia has tried to persuade the West against NATO moving eastward for the past 30-years.

One of two MiG-31K supersonic aircraft deployed in Russia’s westernmost territory of Kaliningrad, which has the new ultra high speed Kinzhal air-launched ballistic missiles.

Kaliningrad is on the Baltic Sea coast, which is striking distance to the UK as it is less than 800 miles from Britain and is also in striking distance from Ukraine.

The one-ton Kinzhal also known as the “Dagger” is 24 foot long and can carry conventional or nuclear warheads.

The Dagger has a range of 1,250 miles and could pummel Ukrainian troops and defences without flying close to the country or even the UK.

The MiG-31Ks capable of carrying the thousand-pound warheads including nuclear and in recent days the supersonic fighter jets have been moved Nizhny Novgorod to Chernyakhovsk air base in Kaliningrad region, which is closer to the Ukraine.

Russian ambassador to London Andrei Klein said that he does not believe there will be a “better relationship” with the UK as the Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and Defence Secretary Ben Wallace are due to meet in Moscow.

Klein said, “So far I am not at all under the impression that this could be a step towards a better relationship, and I am basing this on the statements being made by both Liz Truss and Ben Wallace.”

Russia are set to hold an exercise of strategic nuclear forces in mid-February to March which normally takes place in the autumn.

US officials have warned that they believe this is the most likely time that Russia will invade the Ukraine.

The US has also claimed that the Kremlin have at least 70% of their military firepower on the Ukrainian border with an estimated 130,000 troops.

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