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Rory Stewart in talks with Gove in ‘combining forces’

19th Jun 19 12:46 pm

Conservative leader hopeful Rory Stewart has revealed he is in talks with Michael Gove in “combining forces” to be the next prime minister.

Stewart told the BBC, “We are talking about combining forces because it’s clear that Boris is going into the last round.

“And the question is ‘who is best placed to sit on stage with Boris Johnson, and who is best placed to ask the testing questions that need to be asked?’”

Stewart said that he and Gove need to discuss how to get Brexit passed. He added, “We would have to agree to compromise and if neither of us were prepared to budge on our analysis of the situation then, of course, we couldn’t combine as a team.”

A campaign spokeswoman said, “Clearly at some point people will need to combine teams.

“But any team that gets combined, Rory wants to lead it. Rory’s in this to win.”

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