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Putin looks like a ‘hamster stuffed with steroids’ who ‘cuts a weak and enfeebled figure’ at Moscow’s victory parade

by LLB political Reporter
9th May 22 2:42 pm

Vladimir Putin has been likened to a “hamster stuffed with steroids” as he is seen sitting with his comfort blanket over his legs during the victory parade, as his murdering, raping army of thugs and incompetent soldiers fight on in Ukraine

The Russian hamster has lost his strongman image and now “cuts a weak and enfeebled figure” which has raised more questions over his health.

Journalist John Sweeney wrote on Twitter, “Vladimir Putin – a blanket on his knees, his cheeks full, a hamster stuffed with steroids – cuts a weak and enfeebled figure as Russian Army rolls past the Kremlin.

“No declaration of big war; no call-up; no General Gerasimov.

“Listen: you can hear the knives being sharpened.”

The former head of the British Army Lord Dannatt said Putin looked “puffy” and does not appear to be “moving freely” as he attended the Victory Day parade.

Lord Dannatt told Sky News, “I was really just commenting on how President Putin looked.

“He doesn’t seem to be moving as freely and as easily as one has seen him do to in the past.

“I think we’ve all commented that, actually, he looked pretty puffy around the face.

“I don’t know how well or how unwell he is, there’s people circulating rumours he’s got cancer of some sort. I don’t know.

“But if he goes under a bus, metaphorically or realistically, will the replacement be more any better?”

Putin said at Moscow’s parade that the invasion of Ukraine was necessary to ward off “an absolutely unacceptable threat just next to our borders.”

The British Defence Secretary Ben Wallace slammed Mad Vlad and said, “President Putin has made a number of fairytale claims for months and years now.

“If it wasn’t so tragic it would be amusing, but it isn’t.

“One of his claims is that he is surrounded. NATO accounts for six percent of his land border. That’s not being surrounded if only six percent of your land border is NATO countries.

“I think he is believing what he wants to believe – a slight shine of desperation.

“But let me put on the record categorically: NATO, Britain, eastern Europe is not planning to invade Russia and never has done.”

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