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Moscow accuses West of waging ‘full scale war against Russia’ to ‘ultimately destroy it’

by LLB political Reporter
1st Feb 24 2:00 pm

Moscow has accused the West of wanting to “weaken” and divide and to “ultimately destroy” Russia.

Nail Mukhitov, an aide to the Russian Security Council’s secretary, told Russian Tass news agency Tass that the West want to harm Russia by waging a “full scale war” against them.

He said, “Attempts to break our country do not stop. The West is waging a full-scale war against Russia in all spheres and wants to weaken, divide, and ultimately destroy it.”

He accused the US of “inciting its vassals against Moscow,” Mukhitov added, “The countries under its control are now erasing the facts about the friendship of our peoples from history.”

He said, “Former National Security Adviser to the US President John Bolton directly said that the United Nations and NATO should switch to offensive actions: start unraveling the frozen conflicts of the post-Soviet space.”

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Top NATO generals have warned that Vladimir Putin could be preparing for a first strike in Europe threatening World War Three.

NATO military leaders are warning nuclear strikes could take place on civilian and military infrastructure inside European countries.

Officials in Berlin have said that Germany will become a “turntable” for supply lines for NATO forces to provide munitions for potential targets.

Lieutenant General Alexander Sollfrank, commander of NATO’s military logistics told The Times, “If we compare war and operations ten years ago or five years ago, then we realise that we have to accept that also the rear areas will be severely contested.

He insisted that Western leaders must cut the bureaucratic “red tape” to deliver kinetic and non-kinetic forces, such as cyber, electronic warfare along with other means of attack methods.

Sollfrank said that there has to be a reduction of bureaucracy of rules that prevents troops from using parachutes from another country even though the functionality is identical.

He insisted it is crucial for NATO forces to be allowed to use other kit and equipment that will allow troops to be more agile to fight against Russia.

The Lieutenant General said, “I think we can … get this started and reduce or adapt the red tape or wherever it might be possible and necessary.”

He added, “Everyone can start. Just do it. And don’t wait. Because in the end, we have no time to waste.”

The International Institute for Strategic Studies (ISS) have raised concerns over the risk of a nuclear war and strongly believe that Vladimir Putin is now ready to use a small tactical atomic weapon in Ukraine.

In a recent report the ISS believes that Russian researchers are preparing to simulate what a “nuclear strike looks like” by mimicking an atomic bomb using new technology.

A report by state news agency, ITAR_TASS, reads, “The purpose of the model is to simulate what a nuclear strike looks like – the shock effect, flash of light and the mushroom cloud of a ground-based nuclear explosion.”

The Moscow Times reported that the new technology will be applied to “train radiation, chemical and biological intelligence units to determine the parameters of the epicentre of a nuclear explosion.”

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