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Putin is told by key ally that using nukes in Ukraine is ‘unacceptable’ as the Kremlin warns the risk of nuclear war ‘is considerable’

by LLB political Reporter
7th May 22 2:38 pm

Vladimir Putin has been warned by his key ally that using tactical nuclear weapons in Ukraine is “unacceptable” as the Russian Foreign Minister has said “the risks now are considerable.”

The Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko who is Putin’s closest ally seems to have distanced himself from Moscow as cracks in their friendship are surfacing.

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Lukashenko told Associated Press, “It would be unacceptable because it’s right next to us.

“We are not across the ocean like the United States.

“It is also unacceptable because it might knock our terrestrial ball flying off the orbit to who knows where.

“Whether or not Russia is capable of that is a question you need to ask the Russian leadership.”

Speaking of Putin’s “special operation” which has now surpassed 70 days, Lukashenko said, “I am not immersed in this problem enough to say whether it goes according to plan like the Russians say, or like I feel it.

“I want to stress one more time: I feel like this operation has dragged on.”

Lukashenko’s statement comes as the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has warned the world the threat of the conflict turning nuclear “should not be underestimated.”

Lavrov warned, “This is our key position on which we base everything.

“The risks now are considerable.

“I would not want to elevate those risks artificially.

“Many would like that.

“The danger is serious, real.

“And we must not underestimate it.”

There are fears that the Ukraine war could easily turn in to a global nuclear war as the Kremlin’s mouthpieces and politicians are constantly threatening nuclear war on Russian state TV.

However Reuters have reported that US senior officials are downplaying any threat of a nuclear war.

Speaking to Reuters the official said, “We continue to monitor their nuclear capabilities every day the best we can and we do not assess that there is a threat of the use of nuclear weapons and no threat to NATO territory.”

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