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Millions are deleting NHS app in a revolt against the ‘pingdemic’ and ignoring isolation demands

21st Jul 21 12:53 pm

The NHS Track and Trace app is in chaos as one in four Brits have deleted the app with millions ignoring the self-isolation demands.

This comes after the Prime Minister initially tried to avoid self-isolating after he came in contact with Health Secretary Sajid Javid who had tested positive.

Boris Johnson along with the Chancellor Rishi Sunak were attempting to use a testing scheme loophole, but an angry backlash from the public forced them both into isolation.

A survey conducted by polling company JL Partners showed that one in five have deleted the app as a result of Johnson trying to get out of isolating over the weekend.

The poll shows that a quarter are now less likely to follow Johnson’s rules if they are pinged, with a third now most likely to delete it as a result of Sunak and the Prime Minister’s actions.

The government are under increasing pressure over the “pingdemic” as hundreds of thousands are being told to self-isolate which is crippling businesses, with some being forced to shut down.

72% of people have said the government’s stance on Covid is a “shambles” this week according to the poll.

More than 20% have either deleted or turned off the app, whilst 24% who are using the app are now considering to delete it.

The poll also discovered that 60% of the public will be less likely to follow the self-isolation rules, with 72% saying that many more people will end up deleting the app.

Due to the Prime Minister’s actions over the weekend 76% say that senior Tory politicians have “one rule for them and another for everyone else.” However, many did also back Johnson.

On Monday a staggering 1.7m people were told to self-isolate as the government lifted restriction on “Freedom Day.”

The British Meat Processors Association (BMPA) warned today that production lines have now started to fail as many more workers are in isolation.

The BMPA chief executive Nick Allen was asked by this morning if the government have made the situation any clearer?

Allen told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, “No not really.

“There’s an air of despondency creeping through the industry really. Until now we’ve managed to keep the food supply chain running but there’s a sense of we’re starting to fail on that front.

“Morale isn’t helped by the confusion that comes from these confusing messages from government.”

He was then asked if production lines are stalling, he replies, “They are.

“It’s happening already. We’re starting to see that at retail level and in restaurants, everyone is struggling to get things out really.”

The BMPA chief added, “It was made very clear to us late yesterday that this exemption will be for very, very few people.

“They described it as setting the bar very, very high and we’re certainly not counting on that.”

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