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Israeli military waiting for ‘decision’ to hunt down the Palestinian ‘Bin Laden’ in a deadly ground offensive

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
15th Oct 23 12:30 pm

Israeli military waiting for the official ‘political’ go ahead for the invasion of the Gaza Strip to commence.

A military spokesman said that in separate briefings Lieutenant Richard Hecht and Daniel Hagarion said on Sunday that the Israeli army are waiting for a “political decision” that will start the ground offensive in Gaza.

Hecht said in one briefing, “We will be holding discussions with our political leadership.”

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said, “Israel’s military power and our determination to destroy the enemy,” al-Arabiya English reported.

The Israeli military have vowed to hunt down what they call Palestine’s “Bin Laden” who is a high value target.

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Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar has been named by Israeli defence officials as a top priority target for ground offensive in Gaza.

Israeli Defence Forces spokesman Richard Hecht branded that Hamas leader as the “face of evil” who is the Palestinian “Bin Laden,” for being responsible for killing 1,300 people on 7 October.

Hecht said that Sinwar “is in our sights” and warned, “He is a dead man walking and we will get to that man.”

The Israeli military are preparing for the “next stages of the war” and they are readying for “raising the level of readiness.”

Israel’s military are planning a wide range of attacks in their operation which will be a “coordinated attack from the air, sea and land,” they warned in a statement.

In a statement, the military said, “Various battalions and army forces are deployed throughout Israel in preparation for raising the level of readiness and in preparation for the next stages of the war, especially the large ground operation.”

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited troops near to Gaza, he said on X, “With our fighters in the Gaza Strip, on the front line. We are all ready.”

In a video Netanyahu was heard saying, “You ready for the next stage? The next stage is coming,” a soldier was heard replying, “we are so ready.”

A former commander has warned that Israel are very likely preparing for its military to be in Gaza for an “extended period of time.”

Major General Rupert Jones told Sky News no time scale has been announced on the incursion planned, but “no one should underestimate” how difficult the full ground assault will be.

“It’s slow, it’s painstaking. Everything is accentuated.

“It’s terrifying for the soldiers on both sides and, of course, the civilians in the midst,” he said.

Maj Gen Jones warned that the ground offensive will be a “brutal undertaking” that the Israeli military have been carefully preparing for.

“When they do go with a ground incursion they’ve got the best possible chance.

“But… urban warfare, fighting in cities, particularly in the close knit urban nature of Gaza can be very tough.

“And of course, that’s why the Israelis are encouraging the Palestinian population to move out of the way.”

He added, no matter how much Israel tries to allow Palestinians to evacuate the Gaza Strip, there will unfortunately be civilian casualties in “probably quite significant numbers.”

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