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Israel military moves towards Gaza and ‘no one should underestimate’ the difficulties of ‘urban warfare’

by Mark Channer War Correspondent
14th Oct 23 8:38 pm

The Israeli military are moving soldiers and heavy vehicles including tanks towards the Gaza Strip in what will be a “significant” ground operation.

The Israeli military have been preparing for almost a week for their major offensive following the deadly Hamas terrorist attacks on 7 October.

Hundreds of Israelis have been killed with many injured in last weeks attack and around 150 people were taken hostage and sent to Gaza by Hamas terrorists.

The head spokesman for the Israeli military have continued with their calls for Gazans to flee Gaza for their own “personal safety” as the ground offensive will happened “soon.”

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Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari said in a national broadcast address to Gazans they must evacuate as “it’s for your personal safety.”

A former commander has warned that Israel are very likely preparing for its military to be in Gaza for an “extended period of time.”

Major General Rupert Jones told Sky News no time scale has been announced on the incursion planned, but “no one should underestimate” how difficult the full ground assault will be.

“It’s slow, it’s painstaking. Everything is accentuated.

“It’s terrifying for the soldiers on both sides and, of course, the civilians in the midst,” he said.

Maj Gen Jones warned that the ground offensive will be a “brutal undertaking” that the Israeli military have been carefully preparing for.

“When they do go with a ground incursion they’ve got the best possible chance.

“But… urban warfare, fighting in cities, particularly in the close knit urban nature of Gaza can be very tough.

“And of course, that’s why the Israelis are encouraging the Palestinian population to move out of the way.”

He added, no matter how much Israel tries to allow Palestinians to evacuate the Gaza Strip, there will unfortunately be civilian casualties in “probably quite significant numbers.”

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited troops outside Gaza on Saturday and his national security adviser warned Lebanese militia group Hezbollah not to get involved or face “destruction.”

Tzachi Hanegbi said that Israel are “trying not to be drawn into a two-front war,” with Hezbollah.

He said, “We hope Hezbollah won’t, de facto, bring about the destruction of Lebanon, because if there is a war there the result will be no less.”

This comes as Iranian officials have given a stern warning to Israel on Saturday that Hezbollah’s “finger is on the trigger to shoot” and could enter the war at any moment.

Iran said that their armed and well trained proxies in Lebanon that Hezbollah are ready to unleash a “huge earthquake” on the “Zionist entity.”

Iranian foreign minister Hossein Amirabdollahian warned on Saturday, “Any step the resistance (Hezbollah) will take will cause a huge earthquake in the Zionist entity.

“I want to warn the war criminals and those who support this entity before it’s too late to stop the crimes against civilians in Gaza, because it might be too late in a few hours.”

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